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Looking to buy or sell used WAFIOS wire bending machinery?

Here at Asset-Trade you can find high quality used WAFIOS Machinery.

The WAFIOS Group thinks and acts internationally. Everywhere on earth, the name of WAFIOS is known as a reliable partner in the wire and tube processing industry.  Together with WAFIOS Umformtechnik GmbH it is the leading manufacturers of innovative machine technology and tools for cold and warm forming with traditional brands like HILGELAND, KIESERLING, NUTAP and MRP. 

The focal point of our product portfolio are cold formers for the production of high quality fasteners made of steel wire, stainless steel, high alloy, and exotic materials. WAFIOS is a globally leading company for the manufacture of wire and tube working machines and with significant activities in the cold forming industry.  WAFIOS has specialzed in Spring Coilers, Wire Benders, Straightening Machines, Chain Production, Pay-Off, CNC Tube Benders, Cold Forming.

Contact Asset-Trade today to find your second hand Wafios Machines to enhance your wire & ube forming production.

Bilder Hersteller Modell Baujahr Beschreibung Standort
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FS03 Federwindemaschine 1985 Gebrauchte WAFIOS FS03 Federwindemaschine Die Federwindemaschine, Modell FS 03, dient zur Herstel­lung von rechts- und linksgängigen Zug- und Druckfedern, zylindrischer oder beliebiger Form, mit und ohne Endan... Germany
gebrauchte WAFIOS FTU 3.3 CNC-Biegezentrum Asset-Trade
FTU 3.3-98 CNC Wickel- und. Biegezentrum 05/1994 gebrauchte WAFIOS FTU 3.3-98 - CNC Drahtbiegemaschine mit Abwickelhaspel zur Herstellung von Federn und 3-D-Biegeteilen im Wickel- und Windeverfahren Draht-Ø: 1,5 - 6,0 mm mit einigen zusätzlichen... Germany
FTU 5.3-98/B CNC-Biegezentrum mit viel Zubehör 11/1993 gebrauchte WAFIOS FTU 5.3-98/B - CNC-Biegezentrum mit frei programmierbarer elektronischer Steuerung. Zur Herstellung von 2- und 3-dimensionalen Biegeteilen, Spiralen aller Art, Ringen - ebenfalls 2- und 3-dimensional... Germany
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