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Looking to buy or sell used TIMESAVERS / GRINDMASTER Machinery?

Asset-Trade offer second hand TIMESAVERS / GRINDMASTER Machines at attractive prices.

Since 1975 the Timesavers Group has been providing wide-belt grinding and sanding machine solutions for the metal, titanium, molybdenum, zirconium, tantalum, zinc and tungsten, and plastic processing industries, as well as for a whole range of other materials for more than sixty years. Today, they can be considered to be one of the largest and technologically most advanced manufacturers of this type of machinery in the belt-widths 220 to 2600 millimeters in the world. Using pioneering technologies, unparalleled expertise, and unmatched services and support, they presently have more than 55,000 machines in service in a multitude of application fields that deliver some truly fine finishes.

Contact Asset-Trade today to find your used TIMESAVERS / GRINDMASTER Equipment, the Worldwide Standard for Wood Sanding and Metal Deburring, Grinding & Finishing

Bilder Hersteller Modell Baujahr Beschreibung Standort
Gebrauchte TIMESAVERS/GRINDINGMASTER Serie 41 Modell 1350 - WRDO -  Entgra
Serie 41 Modell 1350 - WRDO zum Entgraten von Laserteilen + Edelstahl 2002 Gebrauchte TIMESAVERS-GRINDINGMASTER Serie 41 Modell 1350 - WRDO - Breitband- Entgrat- Schleifmaschine Entgratmaschine als Nass-Schleifanlage mit 2 Bearbeitungsbereichen Einlaufbreite 1350 mm Blechstärke: kalt... Germany
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41-SERIE-900-WRD-N Schleifmaschine 2006 TIMESAVERS GRINDINGMASTER 41-SERIE-900-WRD-N Schleifmaschine Betriebsstunden: 6.163 (Stand 08.01.2014) Arbeitsbreite / Schleifbreite:900 mm Schleifhöhe: 60 mm Tischöffnung 0-80 mm mot. Einstellung der Tischh... Germany
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