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Looking to buy or sell Used WLF Machinery

Here at Asset-Trade you can find high quality second hand WFL Machines.

WFL Millturn Technologies is the leading supplier in the field of complete machinery. As the only manufacturer WFL focuses exclusively on the production of multifunctional turning-drilling-milling centers. With complete machining workpieces of metal turning, drilling and milling are manufactured. The result on the machines of Linz company including landing legs and turbine components for the aerospace industry or cam and crankshafts for the automotive and marine industries.

Contact Asset-Trade today to find our affordable WFL machinery & Equipment for professional milling and turning production.

Bilder Hersteller Modell Baujahr Beschreibung Standort
Gebrauchtes WFL M30G Millturn Dreh-Fräszentrum|Asset-Trade
M-30-G Millturn komplett Überholt R2014 Gebrauchtes WFL M-30-G Millturn Dreh-Fräszentrum Überholt: 2014-2015 - Neue Maschine: Alles abgestreift und neu lackiert, alle Rohrleitungen und Hydraulikleitungen sind neu (Perfect Arbeitsmaschine)... Netherland
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