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  • Second Hand KEYENCE XM 1000 Coordinate Measuring Machine for sale
  • Second Hand KEYENCE XM 1000 Coordinate Measuring Machine for sale
  • Second Hand KEYENCE XM 1000 Coordinate Measuring Machine for sale
  • Second Hand KEYENCE XM 1000 Coordinate Measuring Machine for sale
  • Second Hand KEYENCE XM 1000 Coordinate Measuring Machine for sale

Machine Details:

Technical Details:



Used KEYENCE XM 1000 Handheld Probe Coordinate Measuring Machine

All-in-one design that allows for instant measurement at the desired location.
Bench-top coordinate measuring offering on-site measurements immediately after power-up

Technical Data Measuring unit

  • Camera

    • Image pickup device: 4 megapixel CMOS image sensor
    • Wavelength at light receiving center: Near-infrared
  • Min. display unit
    • Repeatability: Stage locked ±3 μm
    • Indication error: Stage locked ±8 μm
  • Withstand load: 25 kg
  • Measuring range: 300 mm × 250 mm × 150 mm 11.81" × 9.84" × 5.91"
  • Measuring mode Program: mode/Run mode/Statistic analysis/Single measurement
  • No. of configurable elements: 500 (excluding comment elements)
  • Maximum measurement points: 200 points (per element)
  • Basic
    • Measurement between elements: Distance/Angle/Calculation
    • Basic elements: Plane/Line/Point/Circle/Cylinder/Cone/Sphere
    • Particular measurement element: Point - no correction/Ellipse/Single point circle/Stepped cylinder/Oval/Round slot/Corner arc/Chamfer line/Torus
  • Virtual figures
    • Point: Midpoint/Contact point/Intersection/Perpendicular/Numerical input/Element specification
    • Line: Median line/Tangent line/Intersect line/Projection line/Rotation line/Numerical input/Element specification
    • Plane: Median plane/Parallel plane/Numerical input/Element specification
    • Circle: Intersect circle/Numerical input/Element specification
  • GD&T
    • Form: Flatness/Roundness/Straightness/Cylindricity
    • Orientation: Parallelism/Perpendicularity/Angularity
    • Location: Position/Concentricity/Coaxiality/Symmetry
  • Coordination
    • New: Simple coordinate/Type A coordinate/Type B coordinate/Specified coordinate
    • Change: Base plane settings/Fit axis to point/Fit axis to line/Rotate axis/Fix axis to offset point/Set origin/Reset coordinate
    • Work adjust:Work adjust
  • Apps
    • Distance: Plane-to-point height/Plane-to-plane distance/Hole position
    • Angle: Dihedral angle/Edge to edge angle
    • Diameter: Diameter/Pitch circle diameter/Lower diameter/Upper diameter
    • Position: Hole position/V groove
  • Batch settings: Batch tolerance settings/Batch settings for output/display Items/Guidance image batch settings/List edit
  • No. of measurement macro settingsM 100
  • No. of probe settings: 10
  • Average times of measurement: 1/2/4/8/16
  • Check measurement position: Available
  • Print/file: output Inspection specifications/Single object report/Single object report (with guidance image)/Screen image/Graphic display image/Probe camera image/CSV output
  • Import/Export: Move/Copy/Delete
  • Other: Comment/Other measurement results

Technical Data Probe XM-P1000:

  • Marker No. of markers: 7
  • Housing material
    • Marker body: Quartz glass
    • Probe housing: PBT plastic
  • Light source: Near-infrared LED (870 nm)
  • Applicable stylus: M4 (Commercially available styluses can be used)
  • Camera: Compact CMOS image sensor
  • Status: LED
    • Green: Measurement possible
    • Yellow: Probe camera image capture possible
    • Red: Measurement impossible
    • Off: Not selected
  • Weight Approx.: 370 g (including the cable)


Compact, bench-top design allows measurements to be performed closer to the worksite

The compact design of the XM Series allows the machine to be placed in a variety of locations including; on worksite measurement tables, next to processing machines, or even in an office. This makes it possible to not only reduce the effort needed for carrying measurement targets to a measurement chamber but also eliminate measurement wait times.

No measurement chamber required - (Operating environment: 10 to 35°C 50 to 95°F, 20 to 80% RH)

The probe used in the XM Series features quartz glass. The lens and lens tube of the camera employ a unique design that reduces the influence of temperature fluctuations. In addition, data from the internal temperature sensor is used for correcting any changes due to temperature within the housing itself. Moreover, unlike conventional coordinate measuring machines, the construction of the XM Series includes no movable parts such as arms or bridges, providing maintenance-free usability with no environmental influences such as temperature and vibration.

Highly rigid body with strong resistance to external vibrations for stable measurement even at manufacturing worksites

With coordinate measurements, changes in the position of the measuring machine and the measurement target due to vibrations can lead to measurement errors. With the XM Series, the frame offers high stiffness thanks to unique equipment design technology in order to allow measurements to be performed even in locations that are problematic for conventional coordinate measuring machines, such as next to processing machines at manufacturing sites or on the second floor of a building

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