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Gebrauchte ILSA günstiger kaufen | Asset-Trade

Looking to buy or sell used ILSA Cleaning Machines?

Here at Asset-Trade your can find Second Hand ILSA Machinery to achieve best metal cleaning results.

We offer :

  • Used IK series - Fully vacuum - Alcohol Modified or Hydrocarbons
  • Used IPV series - Drying Vacuum - Chlorinated Solvents 

Metal cleaning is the process necessary to remove organic contaminants (oil, grease, etc.) and inorganic contaminants (chips, dust, etc.) built up on the surface of industrial manufactured articles due to their production and/or machining. 

Cleaning is a fundamental stage of the production process that not only affects the following machining and/or assembly, but also final product quality and operation.

Contact Asset-Trade today to find your high quality used ILSA Machinery to optian perfect cleaned metal parts.

Bilder Hersteller Modell Baujahr Beschreibung Standort
Gebrauchte ILSA IP100VS Reinigungsanlage kaufen
IPV 100 Teilereinigungsanlage/ Waschanlage mit Rollenbahn 2008 ILSA IP100VS Reinigungsanlage Teilereinigung Teilewaschanlage Teileentfettung Waschanlage   Technische Daten  Reinigungsmittel PER  Korbgröße ca. 1260*470*420 (12x Behälter Sch... Germany
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