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Looking to buy or sell used Mori Seiki machinery?

Asset-Trade offers second Hand DMG Mori Seiki machinery at attractive prices.  

We carry :

  • The best Used CNC lathes in the industry - Higher accuracy and stability, improved multi-axis compatibility, and smaller floor space.
  • DuraTurn, NLX Series NL Series, NZX-S series, Series NVL (vertical), SL Series, VL Series (Vertical)
  • Used Multi-axis turning centers, milling & turning centers - A combination of turning and milling capabilities, and a simultaneous 5-axis control.
    NTX Series, NT Series, NZX Series
  • Used Vertical machining center - from micro machining to heavy duty - from the classic 3-axis to 5-axis simultaneous
    NVX Series, NV (D) series, NMV Series (5 axis)
  • Used Horizontal Machining Center - APC, other automation devices and extensibility for unmanned systems.
    NHX Series NH Series NMH Series (5 axis)

DMG Mori Seiki Company Restricted produces and offers device resources. The business's major items consist of CNC lathes, straight and horizontal-type machining facilities, multi-axis devices, 3D perfection devices, and mincing and ultrasound machines; and operating-system and application for system, development, system management, and NC simulator. Its items are used to produce high perfection items and elements in various sectors, such as aircraft/aerospace, perfection parts/dies and shapes, automobile/motorcycle, electrical/communication/semiconductors, shipbuilding/construction equipment, power generation/natural resources/energy, and healthcare sectors. DMG MORI brings together in German and Japanese people custom, perfection and technical authority in machine tool building. Behind DMG MORI is the mixed technical innovation expertise of 65 decades of Mori Seiki and 143 decades of GILDEMEISTER.

Contact Asset-Trade today to fin your Used DMG Mori Seiki Machine to enhance your daily metal working production.

Bilder Hersteller Modell Baujahr Beschreibung Standort
NZ-S1500/500 2-Revolver Wellendrehmaschine 2007/2008 Gebrauchte MORI SEIKI NZ-S1500/500 CNC 2-Revolver Wellendrehmaschine   4 Maschinen verfügbar !!! von Volkswagen Technische Daten Spindelgeschwindigkeit 3500 U / min / 5,5 kW Spindeldurchmesser 43 mm Revolver... Germany
[title] | Asset-Trade
NZ2000T3Y3 CNC-Multi-Achsen-Dreh-Fräszentrum 2008 Gebrauchte MORI SEIKI NZ2000T3Y3 CNC-Multi-Achsen-Dreh-Fräszentrum mit IEMCA Stangenlader Master 880 Verso MP Betriebstunden : AN 11.413 / Spindel  14.95 hrs CNC Steuerung FANUC MSX-701 III Max.... Germany
gebrauchte MORI SEIKI  4250 Fräs-Drehzentrum | Asset-Trade
NT 4250 DCG / 1000 Multiachs-Dreh-Fräszentrum 2006 gebrauchte MORI SEIKI - NT 4250 / 1000 - Schwenkfräskopf (B-Achse) Hochpräzises CNC-Dreh- und Fräszentrum Betriebstunden: ca 23.500 Ein ca 11.000 Drehdurchmesser 660 mm Drehlänge 1.047 mm... Germany
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