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Used SHW Machine for Sale. Looking to buy or sell second hand SHW machinery?

Here at Asset-Trade you can find used SHW Werkzeugmaschinen.

We offer Second Hand SHW-Werkzeugmaschinen  with their models like SHW UniSpeed, SHW PowerSpeed, SHW UniForce, SHW PowerForce or SHWPowerBridge series.

SHW Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of travelling column machines and an internationally renowned specialist for machine processing. SHW Used Machines are future oriented products for the automotive industry, machanical engineering industry, die manufactures, for industrial systems, turbine and tool productions, but also for the aircraft industry and for general subcontracting. Among the items their machines produce large parts for machine and plant construction, for large diesel engines, for turbines and for environmental technology. The head of every machine and the heart of every plant is the SHW milling head.

Contact Asset-Trade today to find your used SHW Machine to enhance your metal working production. Our used SHW cost around 50 to 70 per cent less compared to new SHW Machinery.

Bilder Hersteller Modell Baujahr Beschreibung Standort
UF 6 Universelles Bohrmaschine/Fräsmaschine 1990 SHW UF 6 - CNC Universal-Lateral-Bohr- und Fräswerk mit CNC-Drehtisch X/Y/Z 10.000 / 2.100 / 1.500 mm Tisch 8.000 x 1.500 / 20 to Drehtisch 2.200 x 1.600 mm / 10 to Vorschub X/Y/Z 1 - 8.000 mm/min Rundtisch B 1 -... Germany
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