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A CNC milling machine is a special machine that employs the use of computerized controls and rotating multipoint cutting tools to produce a custom-design product. The technology that these CNC milling machines are based on has been around since the 1950s, while the original milling machines have been around as much as the Industrial Revolution. 

Advantages of buying used CNC milling machines:

There is more than one type of CNC milling machines: they can be horizontal or vertical, depending on the axis of movement. A CNC milling machine is also known as a mill for short, though we will be using the full name to reduce the confusion. Here are some advantages of buying used CNC milling machines that you should know about:

  • Cheaper upfront cost as well as easier maintenance. 
  • Easier to repair and find mods for.
  • Provides more stable resale value, and better quality.
  • Can be deployed very fast. 

More affordable when buying:

One of the more obvious advantages of buying a used CNC milling machine is the cost savings. A new CNC machine can cost anywhere between €400 to €500 for mini versions, while basic bench mounted versions go for around €15.000 to €25,000. There are even massive versions that cost up to € 500,000. 

If you go for a used CNC milling machine, not only will you save a considerable amount of budget, but you will have the choice to invest the rest of your business’ budget on something else, like getting the materials and so on.

Easier to repair:

One of the biggest reasons why you would want to get an older version of a CNC milling machine is the fact that they have been heavily researched and worked on by countless other businesses for various reasons. A CNC milling machine is not limited to only one kind of industry: it can be used in multiple industries for various reasons.

The older the machine, the more likely it is that you will find instructions on how to repair the device in case of failure. Older, used machines also mean that they are more documented by the customers: businesses instead of the manufacturer. 

Cheaper maintenance:

A used CNC milling machine means that you will save money that can be spent for maintenance later on. Because you will essentially be paying for an older model, it will have more support, and more professionals will be likely to repair your device. One thing about the market is that the more the people are willing to work in that market, the cheaper the prices get.

This ultimately means that you will be able to get cheaper maintenance without having to pay a premium for a professional that has to keep themselves updated on how to fix newer models of CNC milling machines. 

Much more resale value:

Machines lose value very quickly after they are released. The fastest time that they lose their value is in the first year of their life, especially for larger machinery. However, over the years, the resale value eventually stabilizes, and you can buy a used CNC machine for almost the same price that you will eventually sell it for in a couple of years.

This means that the older the model you will buy, the better the resale value will be, and the more likely it will be for you to get another newer used model for a little investment on top of that money.  This is one of the best Advantages of buying used CNC milling machines.

Better quality:

If you are buying from a reliable website like, you will be able to get a good quality used CNC milling machine and milling machine centers. This is because resellers usually hire professionals to take a look at an old CNC milling machine to find whether there are any faults with the machine. The older the machine up for sale, the more likely it is to handle some sort of abuse. 

Because CNC milling machines have to work with cutting up materials and making new items, they will wear and tear. Older machines are testimony that higher quality of materials is used in the construction of the machine and that they will be able to handle much more abuse, much more efficiently.

Companies often save up on costs on newer models through the use of special alloys that non-professionals may not be able to differentiate between, but the difference is very visible when it comes to prolonged usage. 

If you are buying a used CNC machine from a reliable reseller, you are essentially getting a much better-quality CNC milling machine, something that might even outlast a newer machine, though the experience may differ from reseller to reseller. 

Faster & much better delivery:

CNC machines are the backbone of many industries and if your business deals with processing materials, you will definitely want to invest in something that lasts for longer. When you are buying a used CNC machine, you will be able to get rapid delivery for your product, especially if you choose to buy from a reseller who has a good reputation and will be able to set it up in less time.

The less time it takes to set a machine up, the more products you will be able to create, and the higher your productivity as a company or business will be.  This has to be a good Advantages of buying used CNC milling machines.

Easier to modify:

Sometimes a stock CNC machine is not as useful for your company as adding some mods around will be. Newer models of CNC milling machines tend to use unique ports and different designs – things that will require you to custom-order a mod for, or just wait for reliable brands to figure out a mod that will work on your new machine.

When you buy a used milling machine, you will be much more likely to find already-made mods for your CNC milling machine. Even if you don’t, there might be a professional in your vicinity who can properly construct and install a mod that you will need to run your business properly. 

Final Thoughts:

We have only discussed the face-value advantages of using a used CNC machine. There are even more advantages of a used CNC milling machine. If you have any queries, just send us a call at +49 2151 32 500 33 or through our official website We will be more than happy to help you find the best CNC machine for your usage.