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Looking to buy or sell used TOYODA Machinery?

Asset-Trade offers used TOYODA´s Horizontal Machining Centers (HMCs) which are the machine of choice for fast and low-cost processing of parts that can be mounted on multi-sided fixtures.

  • Toyoda’s S-Series horizontal machining centers offer high speeds, maximum rigidity and enhanced productivity.  Standard machines or machining cells can be flexibly configured to suit your manufacturing environment.  Toyoda’s low-friction linear guides use roller bearings.  This design provides twice the rigidity and three times the vibration-dampening performance of traditional ball bearings.

  • Toyoda’s R-Series HMCs are powerful, precision machines.  With many options to choose from, the R-Series boxway machines are suitable for applications requiring heavy material removal.  The R-Series boxway slide is an incomparable work of skilled craftsmanship, each guideway is perfectly handscrapped for accuracy.  This design combined with dual ballscrews in each axis; give the R-Series high rates of acceleration without sacrificing rigidity.

  • The SX-Series of horizontal machining centers bridge the gap between boxway and high speed roller bearing HMCs for customers machining a wide range of materials, or who want to achieve faster cycle times machining steel.  The high-performance spindle is supported by dual ballscrews and motors on the Y axis, giving the customer rapid acceleration and constant accuracy.  Dual Z-axis ballscrews and drives share the load of the table and part.

  • The Toyoda FMS/FPA (Flexible Metalcutting System/Flexible Pallet Automation) allows you to expand as your business grows.  Automating the metalcutting process can bring production to a whole new level of profitability.  Running multiple machines from a central PC allow for automating production scheduling, cutting set-up times and reducing labor costs.  Toyoda software and hardware can easily be upgraded or expanded at any time.


Toyoda Machinery Europe GmbH
Bischofstraße 118
47809 Krefeld


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Maschinen Informationen
Manufacturer: TOYODA
Model: FH 63s
Control: CNC > FANUC > Series 16i
Year of Build: 2014
Used TOYODA FH 63S - Horizontal Machine Center Fanuc 16i-M CNC Control. Only one machine still left3x Machines Available all overhauled in 2014/2015   Average 68.000 ON hours / Spindle hours 6600 hrs. Technical Data: Travels X / Y /… Know More
Maschinen Informationen
Manufacturer: TOYODA
Model: FH 55 S
Control: CNC > FANUC > Series 16i
Year of Build: 2001
Used TOYODA FH 55 S - Horizontal Machine Center Fanuc 16i-M CNC Control. 6x  3x Machines Still Available !!! Average Operational Hrs ON 80.000 / Spindle 20.000 hrs Technical Data: Travels X / Y / Z 750 x 750 x 600 mm Rapid traverse… Know More