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Used Milling Machine. Looking to Buy or Sell Second Hand Milling Machines?

Here at Asset-Trade you can find high quality used Milling Machinery online. Bigger manufacturers of modern milling machines are DMG, HERMLE, HECKERT, KLOPP and DROOP & REIN.

We provides various types of used milling machines from used vertical milling machines (VMC), horizontal milling mahines (HMC) to universal milling machines.

Milling Machinery are machine tools used to precisely cut / shape metal and other solid materials like Metal, Wood or Plastic.

Asset-Trade high quality, flexible used milling machinery are built for hassle-free functions. They are suitable for precise and different milling jobs within the metalworking enviroment. They are tough, constant and reliable. Our second Hand milling machines are made using top quality elements to meet excessive load conditions. They are simple to maintain and have longer working life.

Many CNC Milling machines are equipt with automatic tool changer, tool and part measuring probes, etc. making them versatile production machines, where a high production output together with versatility and rigidity are an absolute requisite. (automotive or aerospace sectors)

Our milling equipment is appropriate for machine stores and tool rooms of many other industrial sectors.

Contact Asset-Trade today for find your cheap used Milling Machinery to enhance your daily production needs.

Bilder Hersteller Modell Baujahr Beschreibung Standort
WF 51 C / 150 with tooling 1985 MIKRON WF 51 C / 150 - Werkzeugfräsmaschine - Universal X/Y/Z 800/500/460 mm Steuerung HEIDENHAIN TNC 150 Drehzahl 31.5 - 3150 U/min Vorschub 1 - 3000 mm/min Eilgang 6000 mm/min Aufspannfläche 1000 x 500 mm Aufnahme... Germany
HS 16 Sorry, there are currently no machines that fit your search 1996 Kühlmittelanlage mit Hochdruckpumpe? Nein Ölnebelabsaugung? Nein zusätzlicher Kühlmittelverteilring für innengekühlte Bearbeitungseinheiten? Nein 3 oder 4 achsige NC-Vorschubeinheiten auf... Germany
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