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Machine Details:

Technical Details:

  • Control:
  • Spindle Speed:
    4.000 rpm
  • Tool Holder:
  • Tool Capacity:
    40 x
  • Travels:
  • X-Axis:
    4.000 mm
  • Y-Axis:
  • Z-Axis:
    2.000 mm



Used MTE BF4200 Bed Milling machine for sale. 

CNC Controller : Heidenhain iTNC 530

Technical Data:

3+2 Axis 

X-axis (longitudinal):    4.000 mm
Y-axis (cross):    1.200 mm
Z-axis (vertical):   2.000 mm

Clamping table:     
clamping surface:   4.200 x 1.000
max.workpiece weight:    13.000 kg

X-, Y- and Z-axis, stepless:    2-12.000 mm/min
X-, Y- and Z-axis, stepless    2-12.000 mm/min
rapid feed  X/Y/Z    15 m/min

Universal milling head:     
swivelling area front/back level:    2,5/1°
power on 100% ED:    30 kW
speed, stepless:   40-4.000 min-1
gear steps:    3
tool taper:    SK 50 - DIN 69871-B
automatic tool changer ATC:     
tool places:    40 places
tool diam. max:    125/240 mm
tool length max.:    350 mm
tool weight max.:    20 kg
changing positions:    horizontal/vertical

guides, drive and measuring systems
• All axis drives with digital drives manufacturer HEIDENHAIN
•Direct measuring systems for X,Y, and Z axis manufacturer HEIDENHAIN
•X-, Y- and Z-axis guidance using high-precision linear guides for maximum precision and dynamics, counter guide coated with Turcite B
•Precision ball screw with preloaded nuts in X-, Y- and Z-axis
coolant equipment with chip conveyor
•Coolant outlet, switchable from coolant to air, at the front of the milling head via manually swivelling nozzles
•Internal coolant supply through the spindle centre.
•Tank volume approx. 400 l
•Normal coolant supply 25l/min 5 bar
•High pressure pump for internal cooling 20 l/min 20 bar
•Coolant tank incl. paper-belt filter system
•Hinged belt chip conveyor, 2 longitudinal conveyors in the machine, 1 cross conveyor on the right side
Digital numerical sequence control, including digital drive control, hard disk memory, TFT - color screen,
machining cycles:
Standard drilling and milling cycles, deep drilling, tapping with and without compensation chuck, milling of slots, rectangular and circular pockets, rectangular and circular tenons, boring, drilling-milling (helical path), line-off, drilling patterns, head tilting, backward tilting, shifting and/or rotation of the coordinate system, mirroring, dimensional factor also axis-specific,
Linear interpolation on 3 axes, circular interpolation on 2 axes and on 3 axes with rotated working plane, tilt working plane.

HR 410 - Electronic handwheel for operation of all axes

More data shortly



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