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  • Second Hand NAKAMURA STW-40 Lathe for sale | Asset-Trade
  • Second Hand NAKAMURA STW-40 Lathe for sale | Asset-Trade
  • Second Hand NAKAMURA STW-40 Lathe for sale | Asset-Trade
  • Second Hand NAKAMURA STW-40 Lathe for sale | Asset-Trade

Machine Details:

Technical Details:

  • Control:
  • Spindle Speed:
    3.500 rpm
  • Turning diameter:
    570 mm
  • Turning lenght:
    2 mm
  • Tool Capacity:
    80 x
  • Driven Tools:
  • Tailstock:



NAKAMURA TOME STW 40 - turning-milling machining center with 11 axes

FANUC 16i-TA control with NAK-LUCKBEI-Dialog system Super-Cap

The Nakamura-Tome Turning Center Model STW-40 is a multi-function machine with two conventional lower turrets and one W-Axis Milling Turret accessing the twin spindle lathe from above the workpieces. Elven programmable axes enable the most complex machining of parts, with up to three tools in the cut simultaneously.

Technical data:

Working range

  • max. turning diameter upper WZG spindle: 570 mm
  • max. turning diameter turret lower left and right: 400 mm
  • std. turning diameter: 300 mm
  • max. turning length turret-bottom left and right: 500 mm
  • max. turning length upper WZG spindle: 1550 mm
  • distance between spindle noses: 1900 mm
  • distance between 2 3-jaw chucks: 1500 mm


  • all X-axes: 400 mm
  • Z axis: 1550 mm ( upper WZG spindle:)
  • Z axes of both: 550 mm ( lower turret:)
  • Y axis: +110 , -90
  • right spindle: 1600 mm

Left / Right spindle

  • Driving power and torque: 22/15 kW
  • Torque: 500/794 Nm
  • spindle speed: 30-3500 rpm
  • spindle nose: A1-8
  • Inside dm in front bearing: 130 mm
  • spindle bore: 85 mm
  • max. bar capacity: 71 mm
  • max. chuck size: 315 mm

Right spindle

  • max. travel: 1600 mm

Rapid traverse rates

  • X axes:25 m/min.
  • Z axes:30 m/min.
  • C1 +C2: 400 rpm.
  • Y-axis: 20 m/min.
  • B - axis: 12.5 r/min.

C - axis

  • 3 axes simultaneous: X,Z,C
  • Switch-on time: 0.5 sec.
  • Rapid traverse speed: 400 rpm= 144000 °/min
  • feed rate: 1 - 4800 °/min
  • Graduation accuracy: 0.011° (30 angular sec.)
  • Repeatability: ± 0.006 ° (± 20 angular sec.)
  • Spindle disk brake torque 25 kgfm
  • Milling and Bphr drive for upper WZG spindle CAPTO-C6
  • Drive power: 15/11 KW from 800 rpm
  • Motor speed: 60 to 6000 rpm
  • Torque: WeldonS, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 25
  • Clamping fixtures attached tools: ER-25/ER-32 collet chuck

Space requirement

  • length x width x height :6.200 x 3. 500 x 3.200 mm
  • Weight 22000 tons

Power requirement:

  • Total connected load 160kVA
  • Air consumption about 500 liters/minute

Extra equipment:

  • 12000 rpm for upper WZG spindle - with 11 / 7.5 KW drive power and 79 / 47 Nm torque
  • 80-fold WZG magazine
  • autom. start-up and shut-down of the machine with warm-up program function
  • WZG breakage control with scanning flag for upper WZG spindle
  • 2 HD - Brinkmann pumps, for upper WZG spindle and lower turret - pump capacity = 45 liters per minute
  • Hinged belt - chip conveyor with ejection to the right

The MULTI - CENTER-9 is a 9-axis CNC turning-milling machining center with two opposing spindles.

Both spindles are equipped with a full C-axis for positioning and contour milling.

The left spindle is fixed, the right spindle moves to take over workpieces from the left side and to support long shaft parts synchronously.

A tool spindle on the upper bed side and a 12-position turret on the lower bed side are the two tool carriers that are together in simultaneous clamping engagement.

The tool spindle, with 15 kW drive power, is integrated into a flat-guided Y / B axis design to perform off-axis, angle-shifted machining on an unprecedented scale.

The B-swivel axis has herringbone gearing with 5 tons of clamping force that automatically indexes every 7.5 degrees; between this fixed pitch, a disk brake does the clamping work.

The tool spindle, which is also used to hold fixed turning tools, has also has Hirtyer teeth with a clamping force of 3 tons and a pitch of 4 times 90 degrees. This ensures twist-proof machining during turning.

With the automatic tool change and the tool change magazine with 40, 80 or 120 tool places, a complete production of the most demanding parts can be set up.

The lower turret, which can work on both spindles, is also used for turning and milling.

The handling of the machine is selected in such a way that an active machinist can handle it with the utmost and produce neat parts.

To support work preparation and programming, the two software solutions NC-Time 2000 and NC-PRAKTIKER are available.

Your advantage

When machining the most complicated parts with variable assignment of 1 or 2 WZG turrets on the left spindle and 1 or 2 WZG turrets on the right spindle

spindle for turning and milling operations, unit costs are achieved that were not previously possible in previously unattainable in complete production on CNC machines.

The heart of the machine is the solid, MEEHANITE fine-grain cast iron 45 ° monoblock inclined bed with 4-fold linear roller guides.

Its advantage

  • Highest rigidity for cutting tasks even when 2 tools are in use.
  • Longest service life with constant accuracy
  • Best surface finishes with simultaneous fine turning on both spindles .

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