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Second Hand CNC LATHE for Sale

CNC Lathes are one of the most beneficial tools for multiple industries. Whether you are in the glass industry or an industry that focuses on making metal or wood-related components, CNC lathes can help you in a variety of tasks. We have taken the time to compile a guide of all the advantages of buying a used CNC lathe for you.  

Without further ado, here we begin:

Advantages of buying used CNC Lathes

Some people think that CNC Lathe machines are only used in the mass production of parts in the manufacturing industry, but they are severely limited in their knowledge. Because of how precise they are, CNC lathes can also be used in the making of jewelry, equipment shading and even dying. Here are some of the advantages of buying a used CNC lathe that you should know about:

More affordable:

The first advantage that comes with buying a used CNC lathe is the fact that you will be saving yourself an enormous amount of money. A new mid-range CNC lathe can be bought for anywhere between €25,000 to €60,000 – though that does not include the cost of using special CAD software or a professional that can handle the device.

The average salary for a CNC lathe operator is about €14.50 in the Germany. The fact that these CNC machines eat up a lot of electricity does not exactly help. This means that a new CNC lathe can build up to be about a €70,000 - €80,000 investment for the first year. 

A used CNC lathe is much cheaper, as the price can considerably drop to about €50,000 or so for the first year, depending on what model you are buying. 

Older models are easy to work with:

CNC machines, like cars, constantly get added with new features that people just can’t get used to in enough time frames. It is fundamentally impossible to figure out how to completely use a new CNC machine – right from the start.

Using a CNC machine takes time, and even a professional operator will take some time to adjust to a machine. This is one of the reasons why you should go for a used CNC lathe. Used means that you will be able to find an older model fast. 

Easier to debug:

CNC lathe is great machines that can help increase the efficiency of any business by a big number, but they are not prone to problems and bugs. CNC lathes are nothing more than gigantic computer systems that know how to turn and create stuff. Like all computers, CNC lathes are very prone to stop running as expected because of any sort of problem. 

When you are getting an older, used model, the chances of the professional being successful in repairing that CNC lathe will be much higher as compared to a newer model. If you factor in the repair costs too, used CNC lathes are much cheaper because more professionals can deal with the device. 

Better quality:

Everyone knows that older cars are much more durable than the cars of today. The same is true for CNC lathes. Manufacturers are consistently looking for ways to reduce the cost of making their CNC lathes while selling them for more. This directly translates to a weaker CNC lathe the later the model. One way to prove it is the fact that there are more old CNC lathes as compared to newer models, and sometimes the prices of older, used models are even higher than the newer models.

If you are working for an industry, you will want a device that works under high pressure and does not break easily. The more durable the device, the less the time wasted on repairing or getting it replaced, and the higher the productivity. 

Easier to pick:

If you choose a good retailer that has somewhat knowledgeable customer service, the employee should be more knowledgeable about the older, used CNC lathes as compared to new CNC lathe. In this new era, more companies are pushing newer models with fewer instructions, expecting people to magically learn it through the internet – even though the machine is designed to be used for professionals in many industries. 

Because the sales rep will be more informed on a used CNC lathe, they will be able to help you figure out what kind of device will be able to get the job you want to be done. Ask the sales rep a few questions like:

  • Is the CNC lathe you are going to buy going to be relevant in the current market?
  • How many hours have been clocked on the used CNC lathe?
  • What are the best features of this CNC lathe?
  • What materials are used in the construction of this product?
  • What is the warranty period offered by the company itself, and where to get it repaired in case of any problems?

Even if the sales rep doesn’t help much, you can always check out your competition to see what machine they are using. Because they might be using an old model too, you will be able to easily buy a similar model and be able to get in the competition with relative ease. 

Higher performance:

Because the materials used in an older version of a CNC lathe are much higher as compared to newer, cheaper models, the performance will be higher too. There are various other factors to add to why the performance is higher. One such factor is better software support as older models have had more time to be developed. Another is that because you are buying a used CNC lathe, it might be tinkered around to improve performance through the use of mods. 

Final Thoughts:

There are not the only advantages of buying a used CNC lathe. With the cost savings as well as a better performance right out of the box, you are doing your business a favor by investing in a used device instead of a newer model. If you are looking for used CNC lathes at great prices, do check out We have various CNC lathe models and should be able to cater to your different needs.