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Asset-Trade Price List

For completed services for Online Brokerage Agreements the following conditions apply. For all other services the separately agreed to conditions for each service shall apply.

Online Brokerage

  1. The services offered by Asset-Trade are free of charge for the purchaser. This is not the case if for sales specific terms and conditions are cited. This terms and conditions would be shown together with the sale.
  2. If the seller chooses one of the sale models defined in the trems & Conditions, he must pay a remuneration to Asset-Trade of an amount determined by the sum of the selling price agreed between the seller and the buyer (exclusive value added tax).

    The remuneration amounts to

    10% of a selling price up to EUR 100,000;

      8% of a selling price from EUR 100,001 to EUR 250,000;

      7% of a selling price from EUR 250,001 to EUR 500,000;

      5% of a selling price from EUR 500,001 upwards

    plus the statutory VAT applicable at the time of invoicing. This remuneration applies for exclusive use of the online marketplace only (without additional services from Asset-Trade).
  3. The duty to pay remuneration arises when Asset-Trade has successfully sent a declaration of acceptance by the seller/purchaser to the other party and the contract of sale has thereby come into being. The duty to pay remuneration also arises if the seller concludes an agreement with a user of Asset-Trade regarding the item for sale outside the platform.