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Machine Details:

Technical Details:

  • Control:
    CNC » FIDIA » F-1
  • Spindle Speed:
    1.800 rpm
  • Travels:
  • X-Axis:
    2.700 mm
  • Y-Axis:
  • Z-Axis:
    1.500 mm



Used ZAYER KF 3000 - CNC Universal Horizontal Boring Mill

Overhauled in 11/2015

Technical specifications

  • CC control Fidia F1
  • X / Y / Z 2,700 x 1,500 x 1,500 mm
  • Manual indexing working head  
  • Spindle speed 35 - 1.800rpm - 2 courses
    • Gear I 140-450 rpm
    • Gang II 565-1800 rpm
  • max. Table load 10000 kg
  • Tool fixture ISO 50
  • Feed 5-5000 mm / min
  • Rapid traverses 15,000 mm / min
  • Main engine 30 kW

How To Buy A Used ZAYER KF 3000 – CNC – The Universal Horizontal Boring Mill

CNC (Computer Numeric Control) Machines have come a long way in the industrial automation environment with its numerous advantages and smart functionality. CNC machines has improved production, reduced dependency on humans and improved precision levels by decreasing human interventions. From small workshops to large corporate production lines, CNC machines have dominated workforce with their superior functionality and smooth operations. ZAYER KF 3000 – CNC is one of the versatile Universal Boring Machines which has been adored for multiple applications across industries.

About ZAYER:

Established in the year 1947, ZAYER has been manufacturing milling machines and milling centers from its production facility at Vitoria-Gasteiz in Spain. This Spanish company has risen to be among one of the best manufacturers of different types of CNC milling machines for a wide range of industrial applications. As a world leader of CNC milling machines, ZAYER has been catering to various demands of CNC machines for industries like Aeronautical, Wind Energy, Hydroelectric, Railways and Large Component manufacturing. The ZAYER KF 3000 – CNC is a Universal Boring Machine from ZAYER that has made the manufacturer popular for its diverse and flexible functional applications for in-house operations and production of complex parts in large quantities with precision.

Why a used ZAYER KF 3000 – CNC?

Well, the question is vital if you are planning to invest in a ZAYER KF 3000 – CNC. Any industry/ production facility with a good budget in hand can go for this massive machine of 21000 kgs directly imported from their Spanish factory. However, there are certain distinct advantages associated with sourcing out a used KF 3000 – CNC. Here are a few of the advantages of going for a used ZAYER machine:

  • Cost is much lesser: It’s obvious that the cost of a used machine would be much cheaper than a brand new machine. This also helps a lot for investors, who are starting their production line. The investors can save a bit of money on a used ZAYER KF 3000 – CNC to divert the funds for other operations.
  • Quality is not an issue: When one is going for big brands like ZAYER, quality is not a concern at all. All ZAYER machines come with an assurance of international standard quality norms. Unless any major overhowling is done to the machine, anyone can inspect the used machine during its power on/off stage and select to purchase.
  • Precision is stable: Precision rating of any ZAYER machine is pre-defined during its production. Hence, even if the machine is overhowled, the precision factor remains the same with the same specific levels of tolerance. Moreover, upon close inspection during power on/off situations, the machine could be checked for undesired sounds, movement of spindles, bed positions, floor state, as well as function of saddles and runways for confirming the precision rate.

Here are a few other factors that can be checked while inspecting a used ZAYER KF 3000 – CNC Universal Horizontal Boring Mill:

  • Check machine bed to level longitudinally and transversely
  • Examine all ways for any running wears and dents/markings
  • Check the table top to be parallel to the bed ways
  • Check table edges to be parallel to the edge of saddle guiding
  • Check table edge to be square with the spindle
  • Check for any abnormal sound
  • Check all hose and plugs as well as cables for damages

With these simple check factors, you can always select one the best used ZAYER KF 3000 – CNC Universal Horizontal Boring Mill for your production line.

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