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Machine Details:

Technical Details:

  • Control:
  • Spindle Speed:
    4.500 rpm
  • Tool Holder:
  • Tool Capacity:
    110 x
  • Travels:
  • X-Axis:
    1.600 mm
  • Y-Axis:
  • Z-Axis:
    1.000 mm



Used DÖRRIES SCHARMANN Solon 3 - CNC machining centre with 7 pallets

2007 complete modernization to Siemens 840D control

Technical data Solon 3 machining centre :

  • Traverse paths :
    • X-axis from 800 to +800 = 1600 mm
    • Y-axis from +50 to +1050 = 1000 mm
    • Z-axis from +250 to +1290 = 1000 mm
    • Rapid travers: 25m/min
  • Number of tools: 110
  • Automatic pallet changing system
  • Tool loading:
    • Number of tools: 110x
    • Tool change possible while machine is running
    • Tool management system (TIS) =Automatic tool change system
    • Tool change time 8 seconds
    • Length/breakage control - Renishaw probe to All types of measuring programmes possible
  • Spindle with 3 gear stages:
    • Gear 1: 0 - 532rpm
    • Gear  2: 532 - 1600rpm
    • Gear  3: 1603 - 4500rpmS
    • Spindle power: 37kW
    • Spindle holder: SK50 taper
    • Efficiency 95%
    • Cooling water pressure through the spindle: 30 bar

Technical data HBC:

Control version: 850 M

  • Table pallets :
    • Number of pallets: 7 - STS. Linear pallet transport system
    • Table dimensions: 1,000mm x 800 mm
    • Equipped with 7 T-slots 18 x 30 mm deep 30 mm
    • Max workpiece weight on the table: 2500 kg
    • Turntable in the machine
  • Maximum width :
    • product is 1600 mm (because of the shower nozzles in the machine)
      and 1075 from front to back
    • Front max 150 mm above table
    • Back 125 mm above the table (because of the large door)
    • Front max 190 above table, but then the large door must be open when moving in and out, otherwise the door will hit the product when moving out and the product will go through the windows when at station Max. Max. height of product that can go into the machine due to the large door = 1300 mm (measured from the table)
  • Oil tanks outside the machine so that they can be filled without interruption
  • Fixed loading station, so that we do not have to carry clamping devices back and forth Closed machining cabin, because of smoke and flying cooling water Tool magazine change during machine rotation

Tools can be purchased separately!!!

Machine can be inspected under power.

The DÖRRIES SCHARMANN Solon 3 Machine Centre is a high-performance machining centre that can handle large and complex products with precision and efficiency. It has a Siemens 840D control system and a turntable with seven tables of size 1000 x 800 mm. The machine has three axes of travel: X axis of 1600 mm, Y axis of 1000 mm, and Z axis of 1000 mm. The machine can achieve a maximum spindle speed of 4500 rpm and a cooling water pressure of 30 bar. The machine has a tool magazine with 110 tools and a Renishaw probe for length and breakage control. The machine also has oil tanks outside the machine, a fixed loading station, and a closed machining cabin. The DÖRRIES SCHARMANN Solon 3 Machine Centre is ideal for machining long products with high accuracy and quality. The 7-pallet station is one of the features that makes the DÖRRIES SCHARMANN Solon 3 Machine Centre a superior machining centre for large and complex products. The machine can switch between different pallets without interrupting the machining process, which reduces the idle time and increases the productivity

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