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Buy sceond Hand Hydraulic Presses from Germany chaep

If you are looking for Used Hydraulic Presses and their advantages, you are at the right place.

A hydraulic press works by applying pressure to a fluid in a tiny chamber via a plunger. The force generated by this pressure is used in a master cylinder to create a more significant influence.

Following that, the master cylinder presses down on whatever is on the plate beneath it. The press is based on Pascal's theory of liquid pressure, which states that the pressure will remain constant.

Hydraulic presses have gained an internet reputation for crushing strange products such as cheese and magnets, but they also have essential industrial applications. To discover more, read this blog.

Application of Second Hand Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic presses are commonly used to compress materials using pressure. Electrons and high-performance pumps are used in modern presses to accomplish this. Pressing forces of up to several thousand tonnes are conceivable depending on the piston diameter and mostly used 20 tons hydraulic press for sale. Hydraulic presses are more versatile than mechanical presses, and they're also simpler to set up. They do not, however, reach the exact cycle times. As a result, they're frequently used in smaller plants. Other advantages include superior speed and force controllability. They also have overload protection and a drive that can be installed anywhere.

What are Hydraulic Presses?

Pascal's Law asserts that "the pressure within a closed system is constant and never changing" and "the pressure applied to a fluid within an enclosed system remains constant throughout." The Hydraulic Press is a machine for processing and manufacturing components or workpieces. The forces of a Hydraulic Press are obtained by compressing a tremendous amount of material with two hydraulic cylinders that are equal to a mechanical lever. Bramah's press is another name for it.

List of Hydraulic Presses products

Asset-Trade has a wide selection of hydraulic presses to fit almost any press application.

We specialise in brands such as EXNER, EDELHOFF, DUNKES, HANS SCHOEN, SCHULER, MÜLLER WEINGARTEN, and many others for used hydraulic presses.

We trade these hydraulic presses with high-quality raw materials sourced from reputable suppliers in the market.

Hydraulic presses are employed in nearly every industrial process. Metal forging, cutting, punching, reforming, and clinching are all possible with them. Most modern hydraulic presses use electric motors, and high-performance pumps to provide the requisite pressure.

Contact Asset-Trade today to discover a used Hydraulic shop Press for sale to Press or Stamp your products into shape at a low price.

Here is the list of Used Hydraulic Presses.

  • SIEMPELKAMP NPS 800/800/355 Hydraulic press 80T
  • FRITZ MÜLLER ZE 500-28.1.1 hydraulic press
  • DUNKES - HDZ 315/200/200
  • DORST TPA30HS Hydraulic Powder Press
  • ONA-Pres RPE 10.3.2.AB 100 Tonnes Hydraulic four-column trowel press
  • EXNER EEX40SO Press with Siemens controls Machine
  • HAULICK & ROOS RVD 100-910 with SCHLEICHER unwinding reel
  • DROST TPA 50 / 2 - Powder Compacting Press

Top 2 Hydraulic Presses

1.SIEMPELKAMP N-PS 800/800/355 Hydraulic press 80T

Siempelkamp Nps 800/800/355 is one of the best second-hand hydraulic presses at asset-trade that has the quality of various product features. l in it.

Let's have a look at the product details.

  • 8.000 kN nominal force
  • 10.000 kN impact force
  • Rotating mass working capacity: 850 Kim ram stroke: 355mm
  • Ram bottom clearance height: 630 mm
  • Table clamping surface: 800 x 1000 mm slide
  • clamping surface: 680 x 1000 mm
  • Clearance height when utilizing a separate ram plate: 525mm
  • ram speed: 250/500 mm/s frame clearance beneath the guides: 820 mm between the directions: 700 mm
  • 5 bar of air pressure is necessary for connecting.
  • 30/15 KW motor power

2. FRITZ MÜLLER ZE 500-28.1.1 hydraulic press

After Siempelkamp the other top listed product is the FRITZ MÜLLER ZE 500 Tons. Maybe it has various product features. The most common is it has a maximum 5000kN

  • maximum drawing ram force: 5000kN; maximum drawing ram stroke: 1070 mm; distance table-ram: 1670 mm; distance table-ram with WWP: 1550 mm; full drawing ram stroke: 1070 mm; full drawing ram stroke: 1070 mm; full drawing ram stroke: 1070 mm; full drawing ram stroke: 1070 mm; full drawing ram stroke: 1070
  • minimum installation height without WWP: 600 mm full off-center load: 01 mm/1m from left to right, 01 mm/1m from front to rear
  • 2750 x 1500 mm table area 2750 x 1500 mm ram area 2750 x 1500 mm front side clear width 2990 mm maximum off-center load: 01 mm/1m from left to right; 01 mm/1m from front to back 1x cushion with 105 pieces table drawing cushion: 1x leading drawing cushion force: 140 tonnes maximum drawing cushion stroke: 300 mm maximum drawing cushion area: 2100 x 900 mm
  • 450 kN maximum displacement force
  • 40 mm bolt diameter
  • inserted bolts: 10 mm setback ejector stroke 150 mm debate

Advantages of Buying Used Hydraulic presses

Built-in construction

Some of the benefits of buying used Hydraulic press brakes are that they have built-in overload protection. If the machine surpasses its loading limit, it will automatically trigger a safety program and warn the worker using the device.

Operating cost

The operating costs for these machines are much lower and acceptable to the customer, and a single device can perform many jobs, thus making it a versatile machine.


While no hydraulic or mechanical press is entirely safe, they are designed and engineered to be as safe as possible when operated properly. The capacity of the operator to control hydraulic presses is the most critical safety factor.

Final verdict

Hydraulic presses are among the most common machinery in the manufacturing industry. Various enterprises use them to shape metals in the production of car parts, appliances, and aircraft. Crushing autos, filling military shells, and compressing the particulate matter that makes up ceramics are all things they do.

When purchasing hydraulic press machines, there are numerous aspects to consider. While buying new equipment is the ideal option, countless other options are available. One of them is currently looking to buy a used hydraulic press machine.