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  • Band new HERKULES WSE 180 x 1500 CNC Roller grinder
  • Band new HERKULES WSE 180 x 1500 CNC Roller grinder

Machine Details:

Technical Details:

  • Control:
  • Machine Hours:
    0 hrs.



Band new HERKULES WSE 180 x 1500 CNC Roller grinder

Still in original wooden packaging 

Zero Running hours 

Technical Data :

  • Power: 70 kW 
  • Workspace:
    • max. grinding diameter: 360 mm
    • min. grinding diameter: 0 mm
    • max. center distance: 1500 mm
    • max. roller weight in steady rests: 700 kg
  • Headstock
    • Roller speeds, continuously adjustable: 16-160 rpm
    • Transistor-controlled three-phase servo motor max. torque: 27 Nm
  • Tailstock
    • with hand-operated adjustment device: for longitudinal movement of the tailstock on the machine table
    • with mechanical, conical clamping elements: for clamping the tailstock in any position
  • Grinding table
    • Travel speed, continuously adjustable: 50-3000 mm/min
    • frequency-controlled three-phase servo drive: 14 Nm
    • Guideway lubrication: combined hydrodynamic/forced lubrication to avoid the typical floating effects of hydrostatic lubrication

The following grinding wheel feed types are included:

  • Motor-driven rapid feed (X-axis): 400 mm/min
  • Motor-driven fine feed (X-axis) exact: 0.01mm
  • Automatic feed in the reversing points (X-axis), preselectable: 0.01 -0.09 mm
  • Automatic feed in the reversing points (F-axis), preselectable: 0.001 -0.01 mm
  • Continuous feed to compensate for grinding wheel wear, for working with constant power (X-axis), preselectable 0.01 -0.2 mm/min
  • Automatic feed limitation with automatic feed shutdown, digital, when preselected values ​​are reached
  • Automatic attachment of the wheel to the roller with X-axis feed,
  • shutdown and automatic initiation of the Z-axis feed.
  • Including:
  • Automatic safety retraction of the
  • disk at preselected ampere levels
  • Overload overspeed
  • Power failure
  • Manual microfeed

    Accuracy: 0.001 mm


  • a) Hollow and bellows grinding option
  • b) light
  • particularly at the ends of the barrel to relieve pressure
  • in the rolling mill: 1 mm on diameter
  • Cone grinding
  • 9. Reset device for automatically repositioning the grinding disc on the roller
  • after a grinding process interruption
  • (e.g. measuring) with a repositioning
  • accuracy of: 0.001 mm


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