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Second Hand Gear Machines | Asset-Trade

We recognize that different manufacturing operations require different gear cutting machines to meet today's production demands. This is exactly why Asset-Trade has a large inventory of various gear machines. If you are interested in used gear machines in a very good condition, you are at the right place.

A large part of our assortment consists of used gear machines. We make sure that these machines are ready for a second production life back in your company through our inspections. Asset-Trade is a company that not only offers low cost machines, but supports you with the right products to improve your manufacturing productivity!

No, and that is not all for our buyers. We support them with further services if they also want to sell second hand machines at a good price. Be assured that you will get the best price for your machines according to the market prices. And our company policy ensures that the sale of your machines will be profitable for you. It does not matter to us why you want to sell a machine, the quality and functionality of the machine comes first. Maybe you are selling because a current version of the machine is better suited for your production, or maybe because this machine is unproductive or underutilized most of the time, and you could use this space more productively.

Let's get back to the actual gear machines. We understand that there are many types of gear cutting machine.  From gear hobbing machines for gear manufacturing to machines for gear grinding or form grinding. For gear finishing, there are broaching machine, gear hobbing machine, lapping machine, grinding machine, honing machine, and gear shaving machine.

In a large part of the manufacturing industry, such machines as gear hobbing machine, gear shaping machine, gear cutting machine, gear shaving machine, gear grinding machine are widely used.

All buyers who are looking for used gear cutting machines can easily search them on our website to find the gear cutting machine they need. Our stock includes machines from well-known manufacturers from all over the world. At Asset-Trade, you will only find machines that will make your work faster, more efficient and less expensive. We like it when machines can make life easier.

As we mentioned before, all our used machines are checked before we sell them to our customers.