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Asset-Trade - your industrial appraiser in your area! Competent, experienced and reputable.

Our fields include the areas of your free expert for the assessment of machinery and damage reports, insurance reports, valuation and private opinions.

Our clients are insurers, industrial companies, liquidators, bailiffs, lawyers and entrepreneurs.

The experts asked the task and the purpose of the report are of critical importance and must therefore be described accurately.

to differentiate between the case of valuation:Second Hand Machine Appraisal

  • Sales
  • Lendings
  • Business management issues
  • Insurance
  • Claims

When selling the entire company or a continuation in part:

  • The same place
  • Elsewhere
  • Or by individual plants in a bankruptcy,, liquidation or similar sales situations.

Lending of the entire company or individual installations and assets.

Clarification of business management issues, particularly in cases of:

  • Dispute between heirs or associates
  • Subject ups of companies
  • Operating merger
  • Calculation in the financial and operational accounting
  • Rental or lease.

Insurance of risks such as damage

  • Insurance value
  • Determination of liability claims
  • Transport damage
  • Fire, other events


  • In case of liability for damages under law or contract
  • For compensation due to contractual agreements, particularly in accordance with the relevant policy conditions.