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Machine Details:

Technical Details:

  • Control:
  • Machine Hours:
    122 hrs.



Used diesel emergency generators

DEUTZ BF 8 M 1015 CP with Leroy-Sommer LSA 47.2 low voltage generator 500 kVA

Operating hours approx 121,15

Technical data Deutz:

  • Number of cylinders 8
  • Displacement 15.9 l
  • Design Vee
  • max. power 430 kW
  • Continuous power: 400kW
  • RPM 2100
  • Torque at RPM from-to 2720 Nm
  • Tier Min. EU II
  • Tier Max. EU III
    • Aspiration T
  • Dead weight 1060 kg
  • Cooling type water
  • Bore 132 mm

Modern water-cooled four-stroke 8-cylinder engines in V-configuration.

Exhaust turbocharger and exhaust pipes water-cooled.

Gear-driven power take-offs.

Modern fuel injection system with mechanical governor.

Electronic governor for on-board units.

Intercooling by means of engine coolant.

Innovative multi-parallel cooling system.

Compact dimensions.

Technical data Leroy-Sommer LSA 47.2

  • Installation of power generator 500 kVA
  • Installation of exhaust pipe St 37N2A, DN 200 incl. exhaust silencer and insulation
  • Installation of 1 day tank 1000 1, make: ADAM
  • Assembly of 1 storage tank GfK 2.000 1 incl. filling and venting pipe,
  • Oil supply line from the storage tank to the day tank, type Flexwell FSR 16/30, double-walled, incl. leakage indicator device.
  • Installation of the supply and exhaust air system
  • Installation of control cabinet and control cable

Technical data Cooling Unit

Honeycomb cooler with closed cooling circuit

  • Fan drive: mechanical
  • Air flow rate: 22,000 m3/h
  • Cooling liquid: water and glycol
  • Capacity: approx. 80 ltr.


Engine and generator are elastically mounted by means of insulators on a base frame made of sectional steel.

  • The transmission of structure-borne noise is below 1 O Hz.
  • Machine noise inside the installation room:102 dB(A)
  • Hearing protection is provided for the operating personnel.
  • Machine noise outside the room: approx. 65 dBA



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