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Buy Second Hand Machiney with Hurco Winmax Controls
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Used Hurco WinMax Machinery for sale

Here at Asset-Trade you can find our current second hand WinMax machinery.

Nobody gets you from print to part faster than Hurco.

The integrated Hurco CNC control powered by WinMax® is the most versatile and intuitive control in the industry. More importantly, each feature has benefits that you can measure in terms of increased productivity, which leads to increased profitability.

If your goal is to increase profitability by reducing setup time and programming time, the Hurco CNC control is for you. We’ve separated the benefits of our control into sections so you can easily evaluate each feature to see how our technology can make your shop more profitable.

  • Versatile Control
  • Conversational Programming Features + Benefits
  • NC Programming Features + Benefits
  • 5-Axis/5-Sided Control Features + Benefits
  • Operational Features + Benefits
  • UltiMotion

Contact Asset-Trade today to find your used WinMax machines to enhance your production.

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Machine Information
Manufacturer: HURCO
Model: VMX30U
Control: CNC > HURCO > WinMax
Year of Build: 2010
Used HURCO VMX30U (Simultaneous 5-Axis) - CNC Vertical Machining Center Machine hours  only 16.512 hrs CNC Controls: Win Max dual Monitor Spindle is not too accurate anymore. Technical data: Travels X Axis : 760 mm /  30”… Know More
Machine Information
Manufacturer: HURCO
Model: HTX-500
Control: CNC > HURCO > WinMax
Year of Build: 2008
Used HURCO HTX 500 horizontal CNC machining center with 4 Axis CNC Control : Hurco Dual screen WinMax version ST Operating Hours: 34856,4 hrs Technical Data: Travel Paths: X-axis : 700 mm Y-Axis: 610 mm Z-Axis: 610 mm B… Know More