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Buy & Sell Used Chillers for your Plant or office building

Here at Asset-Trade you can find our current second hand Chillers machinery.

HVAC is an important air conditioning system in commercial buildings as a way to create a cooling effect. The purpose is to compensate for the heat of the building obtained from several internal and external loads. Some of the external impact loads include the sun, wind, and heat from outside temperatures. Indoor factors include moisture from people, fire, and electrical or mechanical equipment.

Air conditioning systems are installed in commercial buildings to achieve proper temperature control. There are two types: hot water and cold air. Both are refrigeration systems used to cool water or cool air in commercial and industrial facilities. The components of refrigerant and air conditioner are the same. Each product has a pump, condenser, compressor and expander. The main difference is whether air or water is used to cool the condenser.

Contact Asset-Trade today, to find your used Chillers machines to enhance your production.

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Machine Information
Manufacturer: ENGIE
Control: CNC
Year of Build: 2012
Used ENGIE (Covely) Quantum II X030 270 kW turbo compressor Year of manufacture 2012 2x units available H 2-4 1KA01 Quantum 270 kW = 37473 Bh H 2-4 1KA02 Quantum 270 kW = 37338 Bh Technical data: Compressor type: TT 300 H6-1-ST-D-O… Know More
Machine Information
Manufacturer: ENGIE
Control: CNC
Year of Build: 2014
Used ENGIE (Covely) chiller Quantum X 060 S2C LL turbo compressor   Year of manufacture 2014 Operating hours 3095 Bh (peak load) The machine was only in operation on very warm days during the year. Technical data: Compressor… Know More