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Machine Details:

Technical Details:

  • Control:
  • Machine Hours:
    15.750 hrs.
  • Spindle Hours:
    5.661 hrs.
  • Spindle Speed:
    3.500 rpm
  • Tool Holder:
  • Tool Capacity:
    24 x
  • Travels:
  • X-Axis:
    2.000 mm
  • Y-Axis:
  • Z-Axis:
    950 mm


This great IBERIMEX - MVR ECOMILL BF 2000 CNC Bed Milling Machine is unfortunately already Sold.

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Used IBERIMEX MVR ECOMILL BF 2000 CNC bed milling machine

CNC Heidenhain iTNC530
Operating hours AN 15,750 hours / spindle hours 5,661

Technical data:

  • X-axis: 2000mm
  • Y-axis: 1000(980) mm
  • Z-axis: 950 mm
  • Infeed 10 mm/min
  • Repeatability +/- 0.003mm
  • Table: 2.100 x 1.050mm
  • Max table load: 5 tons
  • Spindle 40-3,500 rpm / 25kW
  • Tool holders 24 positions
  • Tool holder SK50
  • Universal milling head (Semi-automatic +/- 90 degrees)
  • Length x width x height approx: 5000 x4100 x2700 m
  • Weight approx. 12 tons
  • Connection: 30KVA

For noticeably increased productivity: ECOMILL

The ECOMILL bed-type milling machine is available up to 4,000 mm in length in the X-axis. A rigid, robust cast construction, versatile, flexible use with different multifunctional milling heads and the possibility of integrating rotary tables make our MVR BF bed-type milling machine a real all-rounder - even for 5-sided machining of workpieces in just one set-up.
Different milling heads for every application purpose

The adaptable standard milling head of the bed-type milling machine with manual B and C axes or the optional VH-2 head can be removed to provide an ISO 50 horizontal spindle for horizontal machining. This also increases the working area by about 500 mm, so that machining operations on the angle or work similar to drilling can also be carried out.

Also available for our MVR BF bed-type milling machine are automatic built-in milling heads.

A Siemens spindle motor in combination with a ZF gearbox provides a torque of up to 1000 Nm.
High permanent precision:

Supported by specially hardened vertical and horizontal guideways on the column and the milling carriage. The counterguides are coated with Turcite-B. The console of this bed-type milling machine has a very long bearing surface in the vertical axis for high stability and to avoid tilting of the boom.

Due to the precisely defined and constant clamping of the guide, a stable and exactly defined distance between the bedway and the table saddle is created, independent of the table load. Slip-stick effect is thus avoided.

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