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Machine Details:

Technical Details:

  • Control:
  • Spindle Hours:
    6.100 hrs.
  • Spindle Speed:
    4.200 rpm
  • Turning diameter:
    310 mm
  • Turning lenght:
    520 mm
  • Tool Holder:
  • Tool Capacity:
    12 x
  • Driven Tools:
  • Tailstock:



Used EMCO turn E65 - CNC Lathe with FMB UniRobot

Two production cells available year 2012 & year 2007

CNC control Siemens 828

Technical data

  • Working range
    • Swing over bed: ø 540 mm
    • Swing over cross slide: ø 360 mm
    • Distance main spindle (clamping flange) - tailstock tip : 680 mm
    • Max. turning diameter: ø 310 mm
    • Max. part length: 520 mm
    • Max. bar diameter bar diameter: ø 65 mm
  • Travel ranges
    • Travel X: 210 mm
    • Travel Z: 610 mm
    • Feed drives X/Z 24/m/min @ 7000N
    • Acceleration time from 0 to rapid traverse: 0.2s
    • Position spread P11 according to VDI 3441 in X/Z: 3 /3.5 µm
  • Main spindle
    • Spindle connection according to DIN 55 026: KK6
    • Spindle outer diameter in the outer bearing : ø 100 mm
    • spindle bore (without draw tube) : ø 73 mm
    • Speed range (infinitely variable): 60-4,200 rpm
    • Spindle connection: KK6
    • Max. drive power (100%/60%) : 15/18 kW
    • Max. Torque : 192 Nm
  • C-axis
    • Resolution of the rotary axis: 0.001 degrees
    • Tailstock
    • Automatic tailstock: yes
    • Inner taper tailstock quill: MK 4
    • Travel (automatic): 500 mm
  • Tool turret
    • Tool holders according to DIN 69880: VDI 30
    • Number of tool positions : 12
    • Driven tools : 12
    • Max. Speed : 0-5000 rpm
    • Max. Drive power : 5 kW
    • Max. Torque: 20 Nm
  • Dimensions
    • Footprint (LxWxH): 1730 x 2860x 1880 mm
    • Machine weight: 4300 kg

With coolant device 230 l, chip conveyor

The machine is sold without chuck & without tools

Technical Data FMB Robot cell MH5L-XP

  • With robot Yaskawa Motoman MH 5 L
  • Max. Load capacity: 5 kg
  • Max. Working radius: 895 mm
  • Weight: 27 kg
  • Working range:
    • S-axis (rotation): -170° ~ +170°.
    • L-axis (lower arm): -65° ~ +150°
    • U-axis (upper arm): -138° ~ +255°
    • R-axis (hand roll): -190° ~ +190°
    • B-axis (joint/bend): -135° ~ +135 °
    • T-axis (Hand rotation): -360° ~ +360°


The New EMCOTURN E65: European Cutting-Edge Technology at the Best Possible Price

The EMCOTURN E65 in its new design has been completely re-engineered and optimised. It now includes a Y-axis with a stroke of 80 mm, thus enabling to perform complex milling operations. Due to the use of combined tool holders, it is now possible to increase the number of tools at the turret. As absolute highlight, the EMCOTURN E65 is now available with a counter spindle instead of the automatic tailstock. This is the first time that components can be completely finished in the EMCO entry-level class. The EMCOTURN E65 can, depending on the customer’s requirements, be equipped with a tailstock, driven tools, Y-axis, C-axis, a bar loader package and much more. Customers can choose between either a SIEMENS or FANUC control. And all this in typical EMCO top quality.

Getting started in complete processing - The EMCOTURN E65 in its new design has been revised from the ground up and optimised. It now includes a Y-axis with a stroke of 80 mm for complex milling operations and with the combined tool holders, more tools fit the turret. As absolute highlight, the EMCOTURN E65S is now available with a counter spindle instead of the automatic tailstock. The new design allows, for the first time in the EMCO entry-level class, components to be completely finished.

The EMCOTURN E65 is part of EMCO’s E-series. This series has been strictly designed according to EMCO’s maxim of “Design to Cost”: the customer is given the highest possible practical value at the lowest cost possible. All components that contribute to the performance, precision and durability of a machine are optimized, while at the same time focusing on the substantial features the customer requires.

In line with EMCO’s philosophy of “Made in the Heart of Europe”, all machines are developed and produced entirely in Central Europe in cooperation with European brand manufacturers, all of whom fulfill the highest standards regarding quality, productivity and economy.

Depending on the make, the EMCOTURN E65 forms the basis for efficient machining of precision and machined parts. The range of manufactured workpieces ranges from  hydraulic / pneumatic components to machines as well as engine and automotive parts, all the way to components from the field of biomedical engineering or the fields of materials and bulk material handling. Friction and antifriction bearing parts are just a few more examples of the nearly endless possibilities.

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