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Machine Details:

Technical Details:



Used FRECH DAK 200 H - cold chamber die casting machine

  • Hours: ca. 50000h
  • Shot made: about 3-4 000 000 pieces

Technical specifications:

  • Control: Data Control
  • Clamping force: 2,200 kN
  • Insertion force 25 ton
  • Plunger stroke 350 mm
  • Ejector 11 to
  • Size of platens 755 * 755 mm
  • Passage between the pillars 500 * 500 mm
  • Column diameter 85 mm Min. / Max.
  • Mold height min. / Max. 250-600 mm
  • Ejector stroke 100 mm
  • Mold opening stroke 430 mm
  • Casting positions 0, 60, 120 mm
  • Casting volume 733 cm²
  • Drive power 22 KW
  • Machine dimensions L / W / H 5.8 x 2.3 x 2.6 m
  • 400V three-phase

Additional Information: machine was to the end (June 2014) in production under power and is now stored dry in our warehouse ready for pickup.


Scope of supply:

  • Machine + cabinet + control panel rear cylinder (was dismantled due to transport height)
  • NO FURNACE available!!!


Flexible and Powerful: Cold-Chamber Die Casting Machines

Frech provides cold-chamber die casting machines with locking forces from 2,750 kN to 44,000 kN for the production of a wide range of castings, from small OEM parts to engine blocks or gearbox housings, as well as chassis and body components made of aluminium and magnesium alloys. The patented Vacural process has placed Frech at the top of the world of light-weight processing engineering. Together these cold-chamber die casting machines make up the K family.

Advantage Of Purchasing A Used FRECH - DAK 200 H - Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

Die Casting has been one of the vital mechanical production processes for any industry in general. Be it automobile, or aviation, or manufacturing and production, every industry needs some machine tools and parts that can only be manufactured economically with die casting process. In everyday life we come across several components that have been manufactured with die casting method. Die casting is often characterized by fine surface finish depending upon the casting standards and dimensional consistency. 

Die casting process:

The casting process in a die casting machine can be primarily divided into two types; i.e. cold chamber process and hot chamber process. In cold chamber die casting machines, the molten metal is poured externally into the die casting machine offering it’s a lower operating temperature and better production ability. In contrary, in hot chamber process, the molten metal always remains in contact with some part of the machine offering higher operational temperature. In most of the modern die casting machines, the process is CNC controlled to automate the production process with less human intervention.

FRECH - DAK 200 H - Cold Chamber Die Casting:

Out of the manufacturers of cold chamber die casting machines, FRECH is considered as a leader in the world. This manufacturer is well-known for its ability to provide customized solutions as per individual demands. The FRECH – DAK 200 H Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine is one of the best machines from the manufacturer, which is particularly suitable for small and precision dies manufactured under high production efficiency. Each machine from FRECH can be tailored to match the customers’ specific requirements as per pre-order.

FRECH is also known as the holder of patent for Vacural Technology for cold chamber die casting. This company has brought a break-through in lightweight die casting with their patented technology and refined series of FRECH - DAK 200 H - Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine.

The technical specification of FRECH – DAK 200 H can be summarized as below:

Operational voltage: 400V (3-Phase)

Machine Control: Computerized Data Control

Clamping Force: 2200 Kilo Newton (kN)

Die Insertion Force: 25 Tonne

Minimum Mold Height: 200 millimeter

Maximum Mold Height: 600 millimeter

Casting positions: 0mm, 60mm & 120 mm

Max casting volume: 733 square centimeter

Drive power: 22 kilowatt

Machine dimension: 5.8 meter (Length) X 2.6 meter (Height) X 2.3 meter (Width) 

Why a used FRECH - DAK 200 H - Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine:

There are many advantages of using a used FRECH - DAK 200 H - Cold Chamber Die Casting for lightweight & low-melting point die casting. Here are a few prominent aspects of the FRECH – DAK 200 H, which can suit most of the die casting demands from any mechanical production industry:

The cost is much lesser as compared to purchasing a new FRECH Machine

A used machine has already run successfully with some manufacturing factories, which makes it a safe-bet for trouble-free operation

The cost of AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) and regular maintenance is considerably lower than that of any new machine

Over-howling cost is much lower

Can operate under simple guidance and support of technical advisors

A used machine in good running condition has always attracted buyers with less budget and who couldn’t compromise efficiency with costs. A practical and thoughtful selection of any used FRECH - DAK 200 H - Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine can help the manufacturers in many ways!


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