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Machine Details:

Technical Details:



Used WERTH Probe-Check 400x400x200 3 D CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine.

Technical Data

  • measuring range X/Y/Z 400 x 400 x 200 mm
  • surface area 600 x 400 x 200 mm
  • dist. between centers mm
  • x-axis 400 mm
  • y-axis 400 mm
  • z-axis 200 mm
  • Number of axles 3 St.
  • workpiece weight 150 kg
  • measuring system resolution capability 0,1 my
  • machine weight ab. 1100 kg
  • Overall size 1280 x 1300 x 1940 mm


Ultra High Precision Multisensor Coordinate Measuring Machine
Type Probe Check 400x400x200 3 D CNC

Coordinate measuring device in "fixed bridge" construction, i.e.. Of the measuring slides Moves transversely and the working stroke moves in the longitudinal direction, the various Measuring heads move vertically. The measuring machine is built in solid granite and therefore also very low vibration. The computer is separate and the axis movement is carried out with a mobile Control unit triggered with two joysticks.

This device has the following measuring systems:

1.) Optical touch probe, i. The workpiece will have a high precision Image processing sensor and distance sensor are measured without contact,Fastest and easiest way of surveying. Magnification 5/10-fold over AC Lens.
- High Precision Contour - Image processing for the automatic measurement of control and Frei formgeometrien-!

2.) Mechanical touch probe for the tactile measurement of workpieces by means of RENISHAW Probe TP 200 with presumed measuring probe.

3.) Laser measuring system for larger free-form surfaces in the medium tolerance range System LLP = LaserLineProbe

Software / Programming System:
WINWERTH software is characterized by fast and intuitive Operation of the device, with various subroutines such as BestFit / Scalib / CAQ / Statistics, etc.  It allows manual measurements, programming in teach-in mode and Directly with the CAD data. In the Teach-In mode, only the first part becomes Measured, the software saves the individual program steps and generates Corresponding measuring program for further identical parts The individual measuring methods are controlled via the keyboard or screen Controlled. Workpiece alignment frame with 7 different zones. scanning function

Condition: very good

New Price = € 190.000.--


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