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Machine Details:

Technical Details:



AIR LIQUID Alphatome 20 - Plasma Cutting System


  • Cutting table for plasma cutting:
    • Inside: 2.050mmx8.500mm
    • Cutting height: 700 mm
    • Sections 1
  • Sheet thickness:
    • Steel cutting thickness [mm] 0.8 (0.4) - 20 (25)
    • Aluminum cutting thickness [mm] 0,8 - 10 results (15)
    • Galvanized sheet metal cutting thickness [mm] from 0.8 (0.4)
  • 2 pcs cutting power source Nertajet HP125
  • 2 pcs refrigerator W000264716 Friojet 30
  • including basic road 2 m and 0.75 m travel length
  • Roadway extension to 8 m
  • Complete package consisting of camera for remote monitoring, remote control and portable anti-glare covering the bridge
  • HPC CNC control with fully automatic integrated database
  • Double burner plasma instalation Nertajet 125 HP 150 Digital OCP process
  • in addition to 1 burner equipped for Wasservoretex for stainless steel up to 15 mm
  • Dust type Downflo DFPRO 6-Cyclopeel

Main functions consist of mainly:

  • CNC plasma and process control
  • Fully automatic control of plasma power source via Profibus
  • Fully automatic control of the gas panel via Profibus
  • to use only one tool
  • easy-to-use and learn
  • high quality touch screen with 15-inch LCD flat panel
  • complete, integrated and configurable cutting parameter database
  • Mapping of plasma parameters for CNC programs and individual parts
  • Defining inner and outer contours of different qualities (parameters)
  • Mark with the same burner (OCP 150 and 360 CPM)
  • digital synchronization of the drives

Specially developed for the pure plasma cutting of thin sheets up to 20 mm plasma cutting system.

Air Liquide Welding offers you the first high-precision, plasma arc cutting machine equipped with an anti-dazzle device to protect the operator and the immediate environment from the effects of the electric arc used in plasma cutting. ALPHATOME 2 is especially suited for industrial applications requiring high precision, quality cutting: metal cutting, pressure vessels, shipbuilding and railway construction, subcontracting, ventilation, steel plate cutting.

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