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Bad Condition - Repairs recommended

Second hand Machine in Bad condition | Asset-Trade
Term Description

Looking to buy or sell used Machine in Bad Condition?

The machine is under the present use normally worn. Replacement of some parts might be necessary or senseful.

It is complete with all electrics and should run immediately after set under power.

This term is used to describe those machines, which can only be used at some point well below their fully specified utilization, and it is not possible to realize full capability in their current condition without extensive repairs and/or replacement of major elements in the very near future.

Contact Asset-Trade today to find your second hand machine in bad condition.

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Maschinen Informationen
Manufacturer: MANDELLI
Control: CNC
Year of Build: 1991
Used Mandelli 7 U 4 axis machining center with twin Pallets CNC Control Mandelli Plasma Technical data Table size 630 x 800 Number of pallets: 2x System load 1500kg Displacement X-axis: 1000mm Y-axis: 800mm Z-axis: 1050mm Tool… Know More
Maschinen Informationen
Manufacturer: MIKRON
Model: WF 72 C
Control: CNC > HEIDENHAIN > TNC 426
Year of Build: 1994
Used MIKRON WF 72 C CNC milling machine CNC control: Heidenhain TNC 425 Technical specifications: Travels: X 800 Y560 Z390 permissible workpiece weight: 700 kg Table size: X1200 Y600 Tool places 22 Installation surface: W 3864 x D… Know More
Maschinen Informationen
Manufacturer: VDF BOEHRINGER
Model: VD 3
Control: Conventional
Year of Build: 1986
Used VDF Heidenreich & HARBECK V 3 - Center lathe Not all speeds work. Technical specifications Turning length 1750 mm Swing over bed 520 mm Swing diameter over support 300 mm Workpiece weight 400kg Speed of main spindle 11 -1.… Know More
Maschinen Informationen
Manufacturer: AIR LIQUID
Control: CNC
Year of Build: 2008
AIR LIQUID Alphatome 20 - Plasma Cutting System Specifications: Cutting table for plasma cutting: Inside: 2.050mmx8.500mm Cutting height: 700 mm Sections 1 Sheet thickness: Steel cutting thickness [mm] 0.8 (0.4) - 20 (25)… Know More