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Used GLEASON NO 515 - Hypoid Tester - Bevel Gear Tester

with new Swing Pinion Cone Adjustment for more precise testing of truck, bus and tractor main drive spiral bevel and hypoid gears operating at 90° shaft angle.


  • Max gera diameter 609 mm (24").
  • Max Pinio Diameter 304 mm (12")
  • Offset of gear Spindle above or below centre of pinion spndle 152 mm (6")
  • Range of Shaft Angles 0 - 180


  • Diameter of taper hole at large end 329/32"
  • Taper per foot 39/64 "
  • Depth of taper 3"
  • Diameter of hole through spindle 3.740"


  • Diameter of taper hole at large end  219/64"
  • Taper per foot 1/2"
  • Depth of ta per 3"
  • Diameter of hole through spindle 2.167"


  • Floor space  203cm x 190cm (80"x75")
  • Height 182cm (72")
  • With Automatic preset backlash
  • Hydraulic Chucking to Both Heads
  • Ammeter for Checking Brake Load

The No. 515 Hypoid Tester handles gears up to 24" in diameter and is invaluable for testing gears and pinions

together under power, simulating actual operating conditions at all stages of bevel and hypoid gear manufacture.


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