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Machine Details:

Technical Details:

  • Control:
  • Machine Hours:
    61,432 hrs.



Buy used ENGEL ES 650/155 HL Victory injection molding machine

Technical data:

  • Clamping force: 1500 KN
  • Screw diameter: 50 mm
  • Max. Shot weight: 440 g
  • Clear tie bar spacing: 750 x 750 (tie barless)
  • Min. mold installation height: 300 mm
  • Max. Mold opening stroke: 600 mm
  • Centering ring diameter: 160 mm
  • Number of core pulls: 1
  • Cascade control: no
  • Handling: yes

Handling Geiger LR 16 EC

  • X axis: 500 mm
  • Y axis: 1200 mm
  • Z axis: 1900 mm
  • Interface:Euromap 67
  • Protective housing 2000 mm x 2000 mm with safety package

The tie-bar-less victory injection moulding machine is the ideal machine for a wide range of technical injection moulding applications and processes. The proven tie-bar-less technology ensures a particularly even clamping force distribution. For large moulds with low clamping force requirements, you only invest in the clamping force that is actually needed.

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