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Machine evaluation even faster and safer

Safe machines protect people and the environment, but also increase the cost-effectiveness and thus the competitiveness of machine builders and users.

Valuation of machinery with a valuation report helps you with a realistic valuation of your used machinery and equipment.

Good to know

  • An appraisal accelerates sales negotiations.
  • A distinction is made between the full report and the short report.

What is an appraisal report?

A distinction is made between the full report and the short report.

The result of an appraisal is the market value

  • The market value (market value) is the price that is likely to be obtained from a sale depending on the location and nature of the used machine or system at the time of the appraisal (valuation date). 
  • Subjective factors and special influences should be excluded when determining the market value.
  • However, the market value is not a mathematically exact figure, but is also based on estimates. It is therefore possible for different experts to arrive at different results.

What are the advantages of an appraisal for the seller?

  • An appraisal report informs you of the sales price that can be realistically achieved for your used machine or system based on the market conditions. In addition, as a seller, you avoid financial loss that you could suffer if the asking price is too low.
  • With an appraisal for a used machine, the seller shows the buyer the value of the machine and the justification of the purchase price. An appraisal provides clarity about the value of a used machine and shortens price negotiations.
  • A well-founded evaluation of used machines makes it easier for the buyer's bank to decide whether to finance the machine or system.
  • A valuation report therefore contributes significantly to an acceleration of the desired machine sales.

Used machinery appraisal : Full appraisal or short appraisal

  • Complete reports contain a detailed market value determination.
  • Brief reports (desktop evaluation) briefly take into account the most important value-determining factors.

Full Evaluation report or short evaluation report


  • A full report is particularly recommended when selling new or new machines and equipment, and can also be understood by outsiders and unqualified persons due to the comprehensive presentation and is suitable for court and is recognized by banks and authorities.


  • The significantly higher costs of a full report compared to a short report. In addition, the reviewer often needs a period of several weeks to prepare a full review.

Expert opinion

"Brief reports" are limited to the most important facts that are important for the assessment of the used machine & system.

Possible variants of a brief report

  • Short reports have different forms and contents depending on the provider and contractual agreement. Brief reports can e.g. contain Expertise with a concise description that does not contain a calculation of the value of the used machine, but only shows a result of the value, rough calculations according to the client's information, which are not checked by the expert, Value calculations using only one appraisal procedure or a complete value calculation, but without photo documentation and other attachments.

What are short reports suitable for?

  • Brief reports allow a general assessment of the market price, but do not provide any conclusive information about the market value.
  • Brief reports can e.g. be sensible for newer machines and systems, where there are at most limited special features that influence value.
  • A short report may already be suitable to convince a prospective buyer of a realistic purchase price.

A short report may already be suitable to convince a prospective buyer of a realistic purchase price.

  • In principle, short reports are not suitable for the courts.
  • Only obvious and significant machine defects are included in a short report. Equipment defects are usually not examined in detail.
  • Without a property inspection, the statements made in a brief report are usually incomprehensible to people who are not familiar with the property.


Objective registration

  • Immediate recording of all assets (data, facts, figures and photo documentation)
  • Recording of all relevant data and comparison of this with documents, property lists, inventories etc. from the craft business to the international company.
  • Examination of sensible replacement options for leasing and financing contracts
  • Registration and labeling of separation and segregation rights
  • Determination of intangible assets such as patents, property rights, trademark rights and licenses
  • Examination and planning of guarantees with offers / cost calculations for the client

Brief assessment and industry report

  • professional and market-oriented valuation of the respective assets
  • Comparison of determined values ​​with the proceeds of the same and similar items at other auctions and sales
  • Differentiation between values ​​in the event of liquidation (liquidation / dismantling of the company) and values ​​in the case of continuation (going concern / transferring restructuring etc.)
  • Expert report in detailed form with detailed evaluation criteria
  • Determination of all segregation and separation rights (financing, retention of title, transfer by way of security, rental and hire purchase contracts, leasing contracts, etc.)
  • Identification of these rights in the report with attached contract data
  • additional provision of the expert reports in electronic form (diskette / CD / e-mail)
  • Adaptation of the software according to the specifications of the respective client

Securing, securing and storage

  • immediate security of all assets on site (if necessary, exchange of locks, surveillance or patrol of objects)
  • If necessary, immediate evacuation of individual devices or entire objects
  • Securing in modern warehouses with the lowest possible cost

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