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ROTATEK FX4 FX Combi - 6 Colors UV - offset printing machine roll labels

Control: Eltromat Offcon 1

Specifications Rotatek:

  • 1 set of 12-inch format in the machine
  • Max web width: 400 mm
  • Max printing width: 390 mm
  • Max roll diameter: 1.000 mm
  • Max speed: 150 m / min.
  • Material thickness: 40 - 300 my
  • Blankets: 0.95 mm self-adhesive
  • Space: about 18 m x 5 m


  • completion
  • web cleaning
  • Offset printing with ink agitators
  • 1 + 6 Printing unit is equipped with a cold foil stamping
  • flexo printing
  • SK + adhesive laminate station
  • 2 Rota-Punches
  • Aufwicklug
  • Hönle UV lamp after each printing unit
  • Fountain solution: Techno Trans

The Combi offset rotary press with variable format combines in line the advantages of offset and flexo printing, allowing any type of composition according to the client, with the combination of various printing elements (Offset, Flexo, Serigraphy, gravure etc.), processing (die cutting, hot and cold stamping, embossing) and finish (web, sheeter, etc.). There are no limits to the configuration of the Combi rotary press narrow web, be it for the production of any type of labels, covers, flexible films and other products requiring a complex printing process.

The fundamental press is made of unwinder, web centering equipment, flexo and offset printing units, cold stamping, hot stamping, die cutting, video camera and rewinder. On this basis, we create the configuration that fits the client’s production needs best.

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