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Machine Details:

Technical Details:



Used EISENMANN Dip coating line

In 2008, extensively modernized (expense approximately € 800 thousand)

  • Completely new Siemens S7 PLC
  • Furthermore, the evaporation zones were heated after the base or cover paint tank through a warm air blower.
  • Also, the top coat dryer that existed prior to the renovation of three interconnected chambers with a common burner was changed. Currently, there are 3 separate chambers with separate temperature control available. The hanger through these 3 chambers in succession, the temperatures of the first to be increased to the third chamber until the baking temperature of the coating system is reached (temperature ramp)
  • Goods and goods carrier single exit system (make: HERO) additionally installed => Goods carrier's facility must not leave, climb and hang Directly on goods carrier in the circulation system
  • Cpl. System enclosure and implementation of a pressure system to avoid contamination in the system
  • Forced air furnace changed (direction outlets, speeds, control options, ...)


  • Compl. Plant stands in its own steel construction, thus hall independent and can therefore complete. dismantled and reassembled be anywhere again
  • Except for a 6 x 3 m wide range installation at ground level
  • Currently designed for waterborne paint-2-layer systems (no ex-guards)
  • Max. Possible submersible solids (L x W x H): 2.20 x 1.8 x 2.00 m
  • Paint tank volume (L x W x H): 2.5 x 1.9 x 2.2m
  • The treatment consists of four diving pool, two treatments and two sinks, respectively after degreasing and after iron phosphating both sink will go through in order to achieve a good rinse the parts and thus a clean process. The monitoring of the four methods baths carried conductivity-controlled largely automatically.
  • Excerpts list of installed brand:
  • Conveyor systems internally Eisenmann, enhanced by laser measuring systems and incremental encoders
  • Placement machine iron man 2 pieces each with 500kg lifting capacity
  • Paint pumps with barrier fluid: Grundfos
  • Frequency: Danfos
  • dosing missing
  • Direct heating burner:
    • 1x Cw-- GZ 180 E (Messrs. Junkers)
    • 2x WG20N \ 1-CZ-LN (Fa.Weishaupt) 35 200KW
  • Film speed doors 2 pcs: Albany Rapid Roll Type 392
  • Exhaust and cooling system GEA
  • All other pumps: KSB
  • Conveyor system with lifting device before it is invested with crossways: HARO
  • Temperature controls 12 pcs: JUMO dTRON (Compact Controller with program function)
  • All stations with higher energy demand are equipped with lid / closure systems to reduce energy use in article support non-occupancy
    • paint tank
    • Flash-off / Abblasstationen
  • Incl. Demineralization (reverse osmosis) for the production of demineralized water (Make: Model: RO 250 LE ST.
  • Incl. Wastewater treatment plant; Saggars 3 m³; Storage tank 10m³
  • Processes in the diving system are logged largely automated. In particular, the monitoring of the pretreatment and the paint tank is documented by the controller. This simplifies accountability in the event of mistakes in the painting results. All measurements and dosing are recognized by the controller and written at appropriate intervals to a log file.

For more info, photos and videos as well as dates for the inspections upon request.

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