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Machine Details:

Technical Details:



Used Hawker Enersys PowerSafe 12V92F 12V - 92Ah (10h) UPS Batteries

32x units in rack

Year of manufacture 2020

Technical data:

  • Rated voltage: 12 Volt
  • Connection: M8 F
  • Capacity (C10): 92 Ah
  • Connection: M8 internal thread
  • Polarity: left negative pole, right positive pole
  • Number of cells: 6
  • Eurobat "Long Life" 15 years (at 20 degrees C)
  • Dimensions: LxWxH: 395mm x 105mm x 264mm
  • Weight: 27,60 Kg

Powersafe V Front Terminal batteries are maintenance-free, sealed lead-acid batteries specially developed for use in replacement power supply systems that have to meet the highest requirements for safety and availability. They are suitable for 19", 23" and ETSI racks.

Both installation and maintenance are simple and effective due to the front-mounted poles. The front terminal technology enables space-saving installation, resulting in excellent power density. The use of gas recombination technology eliminates the need for water refilling throughout the service life.

Design features:

  • Positive plates for long service life
  • Separators in microporous glass-fleece technology (AGM)
  • Housing made of impact-resistant plastic (ABS)

Areas of application include :

  • Telecommunications
  • UPS
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
  • Power generation, transmission and distribution
  • Emergency lighting
  • Security systems

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