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Machine Details:

Technical Details:



Buy Complete Coal Power Station with 5 MW Steam-Turbine and Electric Power Generator

High-pressure radiation boiler with traveling grate firing system Water tube boiler with natural circulation

The total hours of operation:   282.720 hours
The last major overhaul date (Turbine):   Summer 2019 
The last generator rewind date:  Rotor: Summer 2017 rewind, Stator: 2007 small repair winding

Year of construction 1985 / frequently modernized and updated !!

Technical data of Boiler :

  • Steam capacity max continuous: 30 tons/hour
  • Steam capacity temporary peak: 34 tons/hour
  • Permissible operating pressure: 90 bar
  • Hot steam temperature: 500 °C
  • Permissible heat output: 27.6 MW
  • Feed water temperature: 105-130 °C
  • Operating days / year: approx. 300 days
  • Fuel: hard coal
  • Days of Operation per year: 300 days

Coal/Fuel Data:

  • Storage capacity: 2.000 tons
  • Daily consumption: 80-100 tons
  • Trough chain conveyor: 40/80 tons/hour

Flue gas cleaning unit:

  • 2 zones electric separator
  • Flue gas discharge via induced draft speed controlled
  • Frequently modernized and updated
  • Chimney mouth: 70,5m

Feed water supply:

  • full desalination: 2x 15m³/h
  • mixed bed filter: 2x 30 m³/h
  • Condensate cooling by air preheating
  • Feed water tank useful capacity: 30 m³
  • Full load pump
    • 1x width E-drive speed controlled
    • 1x with turbo drive speed controlled, with quick start device

AEG - KANIS - back pressure turbo type G16

Year of construction 1984 / frequently modernized and updated

to drive a three-phase synchronous generator

Technical data AEG LDW (SIEMENS):

  • Pumping capacity: 34 t/h
  • Overpressure at inlet: 76 bar
  • Overpressure at outlet: 2,5-7.5 bar
  • Rotational speed: 12.000/1500 min-1
  • Voltage: 10.5 KV
  • Terminal power max:  5.200 KW

Technical data AEG steam turbine:

  • Turbine power: 5.275 kW
  • Turbine speed: 12.107 min -1
  • Turbine high speed: 13318 min -1
  • Turbine steam pressure: 78 bar
  • Suction steam temperature: 490 -500 °C
  • Turbine exhaust steam pressure 3.5 - 8.5 bar
  • Direction of rotation left, seen in direction of turbine-gear-generator

The Power Station is still in use and can be inspected by appointment in the South of Germany. It will become available for dismantling in 2024.

Advantages of Steam Power Plants :  

  • Fuel used is cheaper.    
  • They can respond quickly with changes in load on the plant.    
  • Space required is less compared to hydro power plants.    
  • A portion of steam can be used as process steam for various industries.    
  • They can be overloaded up to 20% without difficulty. Cost of electric power generation and its initial cost is less compared to diesel plants.
  • Can be located near the load centre conveniently thus reduces the transmission line cost and loss of energy in transmission lines. 

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