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Machine Details:

Technical Details:

  • Control:
  • Machine Hours:
    6.462 hrs.
  • Spindle Hours:
    3.502 hrs.
  • Spindle Speed:
    12.000 rpm
  • Turning diameter:
    660 mm
  • Turning lenght:
    1.538 mm
  • Tool Holder:
  • Tool Capacity:
    76 x
  • Driven Tools:
  • Tailstock:



Used DMG - MORI SEIKI - NTX 2000 Mill / Turn Centre

CNC Control FANUC 31 i

Technical Data:

  • Max. workpiece diameter: 660 mm
  • Max. workpiece length: 1,538 mm
  • Max. bar capacity diameter: 65 mm
  • Max. X-Axis: 675 mm
  • Max. Y-Axis: 250 mm
  • Max. Z-Axis: 1,562 mm
  • Toolholder 76x tools HSK 63
  • Lower turret 10 tools
  • Sub spindle
  • 15 bar spindle through
  • Auto tool length
  • Bar capacity 91 mm
  • Spindle speed milling 12000 rpm
  • Chuck 10' x 2 B axis 0.001

DMG MORI's new The NTX 2000 2nd Generation equipped with technologies are capable of integrating various machining processes with high accuracy, superb cutting abilities and wide machining envelops.

The models enable 6-face machining with Spindle 2 and complete a whole process of part
machining on one machine. With the "CELOS," a user interface, setting of complex integrated machining has become easier than ever.  

The 2nd Generation models deliver the highest performance for customers who aim at high-efficiency production processes and cost reduction

Simultaneous 5-axis machining

  • Simultaneous 5-axis machining of complex parts with the direct drive motor (DDM) installed in the B axis
  • B-axis rotation range: ±120°, rotational speed: 100 min-1
  • Equipped with a Capto C6 tool spindle as standard, max. spindle speed of 12,000 min-1

Ease of operation

  • Digital tailstock adopted for the tailstock specifications

High precision

  • Thorough suppression of thermal displacement
  • Zero-center-displacement spindles employed for spindle 1 and spindle 2


Maximum precision and accuracy duration by thermal stable structure and direct measuring systems

  • Highest temperature stability by liquid-cooled main and counter spindles
  • Linear scales in the linear axes of the traveling column (X1 / Y1 / Z1)
  • Cooling of the X- / Y- / Z-motors

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