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Machine Details:

Technical Details:

  • Control:
  • Spindle Speed:
    3.600 rpm
  • Turning diameter:
    155 mm
  • Turning lenght:
    540 mm
  • Tool Capacity:
    8 x
  • Tailstock:



Used MAZAK Quick Turn 10 CNC Lathe

One Two machine still available

CNC Control  Mazatrol T

Technical data:

  • Swing over bed 440 mm
  • Swing over cross-slide 260 mm
  • Distance centre tot centre 500 mm
  • Max longitudinal travel Z-axis 540 mm
  • Max cross travel X-axis 155 mm 

Main spindle:

  • Spindle cone A2-6
  • Dia of spindle bore 56 mm
  • Power on the spindle1 5 kW
  • Number of speeds 14 -> 3600 rpm


  • Toolchanger
  • Number of tools 8


  • rapid traverse X / Z: 30m/min
  • feed speeds 0,001 - 999,999mm / -1

Total power needed 31 KVA

Length x Width x Height 3680 x  2460 x 1740 mm


MAZAK Quick Turn 10 B CNC Lathe – Unleash The Power Of Quick Turn CNC For Better Productions
In the machine tool operations, CNC or Computer Numeric Control machines are quickly replacing the conventional lathe machines with smart control, precision and modular operations. This is the reason why CNC machines are becoming popular in recent years for a wide range of industrial applications. Specially designed tool paths with precise computer aided designing (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM), the CNC lathe machines are now being adopted in many manufacturing processes globally. 
Depending upon functionality, the CNCs are categorized in various segments like horizontal CNC, Vertical CNC, Turret or Quick turn Lathe, turning CNC and such others. There are many machine tool manufacturers, offering CNC machines globally. Mostly prominent manufacturers are from Germany, France, Japan, etc. are famous to provide machines that are globally adopted in the milling and manufacturing processes. Out of top-5 manufacturers, MAZAK has a distinctive brand name, which offers many types of CNC lathe. We will discuss here that how MAZAK Quick Turn 10 B CNC Lathe can help in your productions and enhance productivity.
MAZAK Quick Turn 10 B CNC Lathe:
This is one of the most adored metal working CNC lathe from MAZAK. This machine is quite famous for its turret operations across various small and medium segment lathe workshops. With only 31KVA power input this machine offers finest turret in class with 8 tool changer tray. This machine offers 440 mm swing over bed and 260 mm swing over cross-slide. It has got a 500mm travel distance from center to center which is helpful in wide range of manufacturing applications. This MAZAK Quick Turn 10 B CNC Lathe also has a 540mm of longitudinal travel in the Z-axis and also offers cross travel in X-axis. 
This quick turn lathe is just 3680mm in length, 2460mm in width and 1740mm in height, which makes it ideal for many workshops. With its 56mm diameter of main spindle bore and a varied spindle speed of 14 RPM to 3600 RPM, this is one of the best for manufacturing and lathe process from all the other equipments in the same capabilities. 
How a second-hand MAZAK Quick Turn 10 B CNC Lathe can help you?
If someone is interested to invest in a CNC lathe for his/ her workshop, and wants for specifications like that of MAZAK Quick Turn 10B CNC, a second-hand used machine can also help him to start this project. Primarily any used machines of such capability offer almost the same functionality that of the original and this is where the buyer gets advantage in terms of cost and functional benefits. This also reduces over-head expenditure and help investors profusely.
How will such machine deals help the middle-men?
There are many websites available online which can offer attractive commissions over deals of MAZAK Quick Turn 10 B CNC Lathe. The commission percentage varies from 10% to 15% or 20% of the deal depending upon the condition of the machines. Anyone from any part of the world and makes such deals and can earn attractive commissions over the machine deals. This also provides an opportunity to work from home and find deals for such used machines. A good brand always helps in marketing such products and the popularity of used MAZAK Quick Turn CNC Lathe makes it more attractive. 

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