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HYPERTERM HPR 130 + Oxy-Fuel Cut Harris 4 x 8 m - CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

CNC cutting machine is equipped with the latest technology for plasma and gas cutting metal, currently available on the market. Features CNC Plasma and Gas cutters with source Hypertherm HPR 130:

  • CNC control Hypertherm MicroEDGE Pro
  • Dimensions worktable 4000 mm x 8000 mm
  • Cutting, Engraving and Black Spot welding and stainless (stainless) steel and aluminum with cutting quality ISO 9013 2-5
  • Cutting Plasma cutter material thickness up to 38 mm source Hypertherm HPR 130
  • Cutting material By gas cutter thickness up to 200 mm, gas burners Harris
  • Cutting up to 6500 mm / min (depending on the type and thickness of the material).
  • Possibility of engraving to write on and marking labeling / spot welding (preparation for drilling holes).

The machine is sold complete with:

  • Software for CAD-CAM programming Lantek Expert 2014
  • A device with a magnet for placing sheet at a desk with capacity of 2000 kilograms;
  • Complete exhaust table with pneumatic is situated and exhaust ducts
  • Exhaust fan with water filler that avoids the emission of harmful gases and soot into the environment.

The machine is very little used, installed in August 2014

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