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Machine Details:

Technical Details:



Used GLEASON- PFAUTER G 320 - Gear grinding machine with numerical control


  • Siemens control 840
  • Modulus of 0.5 to 7
  • Workpiece diameter 10-330 mm
  • Number of teeth 10-600
  • Speed ​​: 2300 U / min
  • X horizontal grinding wheel carriage stroke = 230 mm
  • Y tangential carriage stroke = 135 mm
  • Z vertical slide stroke = 200 mm
  • V tangential carriage stroke = 180 mm diamond dresser
  • U radial diamond dresser slide stroke = 110 mm
  • Workhead rotation angle (A): + / - 45 °
  • Max weight equipment 600N
  • Tailstock position 180-650 mm
  • Power about 72 KVA

It is a machine with Siemens control 8 axes for machining gears with straight and helical teeth , with out rolled profile for enveloping cuts that uses a screw profile disc . Sets the synchronous equipment, instruments for the elimination of kinematic chains, for a synchronization between the tool and workpiece, between the grinding wheel and diamond dresser one.

This machine is characterized by Techniche solutions from which precision, reliability, minimum maintenance, high thermal and mechanical stability and a simple guide favored and secure. Among them, the application of the hydrostatic bearing for all main axes stands out : this system on the guaranteed highest , both static as well as dynamic strength, low friction, and the absence of stick -slips addition, protects the machine from any kind of wear and consequently, it excludes maintenance on countries guides.

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