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Wood Saws

Second Hand Wood Saw Machines for Sale cheap | Asset-Trade
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Used Wood Saws for Sale. Looking to buy or sell second Hand Wood  Saw Machinery?

Here at Asset-Trade we offers different used Wood Saws for your business needs.

Different saws are used depending on the material that needs to be processed. We help you to choose the right horizontal Saw or vertical Bandsaw or circular saw with or with without feeding systems.

Some of the most recommended saw suppliers include BEHRINGER, EISEL, ELUMATEC, JAESPA, KALTENBACH, KASTO, KNUTH.

Contact Asset-Trade today to find your automated used Saw to cut your materials into the right length.

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Machine Information
Manufacture: KASTO
Model: EBS 340 AU
Control: Conventional
Year of Build: 1990
Used KASTO EBS 340 AU - Automtic Hacksaw Machine Technical specifications: Cutting capacity round 340 mm Cutting capacity flat 340 x 280 mm Sectional area square 325 x 325 mm Normal feed length to 600mm Multiple feed to 1800 mm 6… More Details
Machine Information
Manufacture: KALTENBACH
Model: KBR 550 NA
Control: NC
Year of Build: 2004
Used KALTENBACH KBR 550 NA Horizontal Automatic Badsaw control NC Saw band dimensions 7820 x 54 x 1.6 mm Saw motor 9,2 kW Cutting speed from 15 to 120 m / min workspace Round Material: 550 mm Square: 600 x 550 mm kl. Cross section… More Details
Machine Information
Manufacture: FMB s.r.l.
Model: FZS
Control: CNC
Year of Build: 2006
Used FMB FSZ - sawing machine for processing of aluminum profiles Two plants available Single Head Type MATA PC Made with sturdy welded frame design consisting essentially of : Security guard spray system 2 pcs clamping device ( Einf… More Details