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  • Second Hand SCHENK VIRIO 100 cheap balancing machine | Asset-Trade
  • Second Hand SCHENK VIRIO 100 cheap balancing machine | Asset-Trade
  • Second Hand SCHENK VIRIO 100 cheap balancing machine | Asset-Trade
  • Günstige SCHENK VIRIO 100 Auswuchtmaschine kaufen | Asset-Trade

Machine Details:

Technical Details:


This great SCHENK - VIRIO 100 balancing machine is unfortunately already Sold.

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Used SCHENCK VIRIO 100 - vertical balancing machine

For presentation of the exact angle of measured imbalance

Technical Data:

  • Max. diameter 810 mm
  • Max. weight 100 kg
  • Speeds 120-1200 rpm
  • Measurement range: 100 - 5000 rpm
  • Measuring precision DIN 1319 (1 plan) 4-10 gmm
  • Measuring precision DIN 1319 (2 plan) 6-15 gmm
  • Motor power 4 Kw

For balancing of rotors and others like that.

Equipped with:

  • Measuring system CAB 820 V
  • Touchscreen
    • "Easy Mode" for easy data entry and presentation of results
    • Industrial PC with active TFT color display
    • Front-mounted USB port for easy data export.
    • Modular and service-friendly design.
    • Digital signal processing for high accuracy.
    • Network Ability
    • A number of software modules available
    • Built on Windows standard
    • Includes software "Tolerance calculation according to ISO 1940" and "Tolerance calculation"


  • Max rotor diameter 610 mm. Max rotor height from mounting flange 360 mm.
  • Fixture for rotor diameter 57 mm and 67 mm
  • Locking device for spring loaded adapters
  • Built-in printer
  • Possibility of balancing rotors in two levels
  • Commissioning and calibration
  • CAB 920 and Correction by milling

The machine was never put into production and is like new.

Virio – ultra-modern and flexible balancing of disc shaped rotors

With the VIRIO, we have laid the foundations for the next generation of vertical balancing machines. With the innovative characteristics of the VIRIO and our 100 years of experience in balancing, we are meeting the changing requirements of the market. Convince yourself of the result: a vertical balancing machine which is easier to operate, with improved accuracy and offers you even greater flexibility.The benefits at a glance:

  • Compact design
  • Ergonomic operating concept
  • Versatile correction procedures
  • Infinitely variable speed regulation
  • Easy installation

The VIRIO 100 for 1 or 2-level balancing, is suitable for all types of disc-shaped rotors without propellers like impeller, impellers, brake discs, flanges, pulleys, fans, saw blades, grinding wheels, flywheels and much more. The machine is well suited for use in both series production and individual balancing assignments. Virio is of vertical construction, which means that the drive shaft is vertically mounted and balancing objects are applied by rotating the rotor vertically. When balancing a new rotor type, only change the adapter to the corresponding specific rotor.

Measured imbalance is indicated in polar form on the measurement system display. With special software, the correction process can be simplified. Data for correction can be transferred to external device, such as a milling machine. The correction can also be done directly in the balancing machine by manually adding or removing weight. There is also the possibility of mounting a fixed drill unit to further simplify the process. Measurement system then shows at which angle imbalance lies, the number of holes that need to be drilled and which depth the holes should have. The operator is then guided by the drilling unit procedure.

• The machine is easy to install, no special foundation is necessary, the machine is screwed into the floor plate.
• The hard-wearing design shortens switching time between different rotors, no rotor-specific calibration is required.
• High measurement accuracy.
• Ergonomic design.
• Selectable automatic balancing sequences with adjustable acceleration and braking times.
• Upgradeable with integrated drilling unit.

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