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Machine Details:

Technical Details:



Used DUNKES - HDZ 315/200/200 - Deep Drawing Press

Was relocated and overhauled for over 37,000 euros in 2009 by Schuler + Dunkes but has never been put back into operation since.

Pressing force max. blankholder and drawing ram together   5.150 KN
Pressing force drawing ram   3.150 KN
Retract force   3.100 KN
Ram stroke   1.400 mm
Blankholder force   2.000 KN
Blankholder stroke   900 mm
Rapid lowering speed of drawing ram and blankholder   500 mm/s
Drawing speed   95 - 28 mm/s
Retract speed   487 mm/s
Driving power drawing ram   110 kW
Driving power blankholder   7,5 kW
Driving power pilot pump   5,5 kW
Installation height without intermediate table   2250 mm
Installation height with

intermediate table
  1200 mm
Table surface WxD   1000x1200 mm
Blankholder WxD   1200x1200 mm
Blankholder hole diameter   825 mm
Die cushin hole diameter   50 H7 mm
Table height below floor   200 mm
Machine below floor   1.530 mm
Total height above floor   7.150 mm
Total width approx.   2.800 mm
Total depth approx.   3.000 mm
Weight without oil and accessories approx.   55.000 kg
Connection loads      
Total connection load   130 KW
Supply line   4x150 qmm
Back-up fuse   250 A
Drawing ram      
Pressing force   3.150 KN
Stroke   1.400 mm
Rapid speed   500 mm/sec
Drawing speed   95 - 28 mm/sec
Retract speed   487 mm/sec
Pressing force(4 x 500 KN)   2.000 KN
Stroke   900 mm
Rapid speed   500 mm/sec
Retract speed   487 mm/sec
Pressing force   250 KN
Stroke   700 mm
max. speed forward   400 mm/sec
max. speed backward   400 mm/sec
Driving power      
Drawing ram & blankholder   110 KW
Haltedruck Blechhalter   7,5 KW 
Pilot pressure   5,5 KW 
Connection load   130 KW
Back-up fuse   315 Amp
Supply lines   4 x 185 mm²
Display controller      
System - Siemens   CNC 1000  
Lacquer finish      
Green acc. to RAL 6011      
Static total weight approx.   55.000 kp

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