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  • Used WALDRICH COBURG 5m Planer for Sale | Asset-Trade
  • Used WALDRICH COBURG 5m Planer for Sale | Asset-Trade

Machine Details:

Technical Details:



Used WALDRICH COBURG 5m Hydraulic Single Column Planing Machine

  • Table length 5000 mm x width 750 mm
  • Working height 500 mm
  • Total power 18kw

Machine can be operated under current.

Open-side planing machines are open on one side. This makes it easier to machine bulky and heavy objects.

The Waldrich company built the first open-side planing machine in 1913.

The machines must have a sturdy design to withstand the weight of the workpiece and high cutting pressures. Thus the frame components and the work table are arranged in a box-type design and feature internal ribbing.

The table of the machine exhibited here is moved back and forth hydraulically. The speeds of the cutting and return motions are infinitely variable and can be adjusted independently of one another.

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