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FIDIA C20 / POWER Digital Drives – Industrial Architecture

  • WINDOWS 7 32 Bit Professional O.S.
  • Intel i3 Core Processor  –  3,3 GHz Min, 4 GB RAM, 320 GB HD
  • 19” LCD TFT Graphic Monitor MDA, 4 x USB Ports
  • DVD Read/Write Device, 100MB/s Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Intel Extreme Graphics 2 Controller
  • Motorola RISC Power PC, Axes Control CPU Digital Drives
  • Fully Digital with 32-bit DSP Processing
  • 90 Mbit/s FFB Proprietary Bus
  • Sampling 8 kHz for Axis, 16 kHz for Spindle
  • 64 Parameter Sets per Axis

The C Class numerical control line can be installed on a wide range of machine tools: from traditional milling and boring machines to machining centres, including the most complex high speed milling systems. The C Class products offers advanced features of functionality and flexibility to manage high levels of automation, from the simple pallet changer to the more complex FMS systems. A wide range of hardware and software solutions, combined with a linear and compact design, ensure a high level performances for the milling of moulds and dies, models, aeronautical and general mechanical components. The architecture with two separate processors, one for the operator interface and one for the real time, enables high milling performance in terms of quality and speed to be achieved. Moreover, thanks to Windows® 7 and the hardware solutions integrated on the C20, it is possible to install other applications for programming, measuring, monitoring etc. To use at their best the NC features, Fidia also provides its XPOWER digital drives. A wide range of power modules can drive all the most common motors installed on machines tools: brushless, linear and torque motors, synchronous and asynchronous spindles. This means that Fidia provides all the electronic parts of the machine and guarantees its performances, functionalities and service in every part of the world. The expertise and professional competence of Fidia Service Dept. integrated in the supply ensure the investment’s validity in time.


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Maschinen Informationen
Manufacturer: FIDIA
Model: K211
Control: CNC > FIDIA > C20
Year of Build: 2001
Used FIDIA K211 vertical machining center - 5 axis Technical specifications CNC control Fidia C20 Spindle speed 240-24,000 rpm @ 27kW X-axis 2700+ 150mm Y-axis 1100 + 150mm Z axis 1000 mm C axis - + 180 A axis 2000 degrees / min… Know More