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TNC 145

Second Hand Machinery with Heidenhain TNC 145 Controls for sale | Asset-Trade
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Used Machines with Heidenhain TNC 145 Controls for sale

Here at Asset-Trade you can find our current second hand TNC 145 machinery.

The Heidenhain TNC 145 control is a so-called contouring control with three axes and a 2 ½ D arc and line interpolation, which was designed for programming directly at the machine. In some points, the programming of the machine by the operator deviates from the standard, but the programming is dialog-guided with a plain text display in the respective program sequence. There are also additional displays for the input values and the current position values. Programs are entered either with the machine at standstill according to an existing program list, according to the drawing of the respective workpiece or with the aid of a serial interface via commercially available peripheral devices.

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