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Looking to buy or sell used Bokö Machines?

Here at Asset-Trade you can find our current listing for second hand Bokö Machinery, the best place to buy and sell used machinery on the internet. 

We offer used Model: BOKÖ UNIVERSAL MILL like the F-Series, WF Series.

Bokö or Bohner and Koehle Maschinenfabrik & Co. GmbH was a German precision milling machine manufacture that has built 5 and 6 axis milling machines since 1923. In 2003 merged Bokö and F. Zimmermann merged together. Today they build the finest in high accuracy CNC milling machines. F. Zimmermann is a company that focuses its attention on CNC portal milling machines. The product range includes milling heads, milling machines and model making machines and portal milling machines. The company has specialized in particular in the processing model, mold and tool making. The clientele of F. Zimmermann can be found among others in the fields of automotive industry, supplier industry, plastics industry and aircraft industry.

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Bohner & Koehle Maschinenfabrik & Co. GmbH
Werkstrasse, 4-10
73728 Esslingen


48.7328201, 9.3164304

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