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Looking to buy or sell Second Hand Krewema Machinery?

Here at Asset-Trade you can find our current used Krewema Machines.  We offer:

  • Used Krewema CNC Lathes with large turing diameters like the HFDM Series
  • Used Krewema CNC-Milling machines for more efficiency  like the TRAVIS Series

The KREWEMA tool-Maschinen GmbH offers innovative, customized solutions for the mechanical production.

KREWEMA® was founded on 1 January, 1965 by Alfred Kretschmer and specializes in early trading with Italian machine tools for pipe manufacturing and processing, Ablängtechnik and Machining. 1967 his brother, Otto Kretschmer went into the company. 1985 first-half frontal CNC lathe HFDM was 40 designed with movable upper bed. The big breakthrough was initiated in 1998 with the development of semi-frontal lathe HFDM 45th These machine tools for machining large and long workpieces, are leading the market. This is especially true for the resultant in 2005 HFDM 55, the biggest lathe of this series.

Contact Asset-Trade today to find your used Krewema Machine at fair pricing to enhance your metal working production.


A. & O. Kretschmer Werkzeug-Maschinen GmbH
Am Steinsborn 2
55286 Sulzheim


49.840237297629, 8.09681788158

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