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LAGUN Machinery, S.L.U. is one of the oldest manufacturers of machine tools in the Basque Country and it is located in Legutiano-Álava (Spain). Its beginning dates from 1928, year in which it was founded as LADISLAO ARAMBURU, S.A. in Eibar (Guipuzcoa). During the last years it has had many names as LADARASA S.L., also Goratu Máquinas Herramientas, S.A., Vertical Machining Centres Division until its final setting-up as LAGUN Machinery, S.L.U. the 1st of January 2005.

LAGUN Machinery, S.L.U. is one of the leading manufacturers of turret & universal milling machines and vertical machining centres, and nowadays, the production of a 5 axes simultaneous machining centre has been included in its product range.



Carretera Bergara nº4, P. I. Lladie, pabellón 7
01170 Legutiano Álava


42.9804378, -2.6425924

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