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Bed Type Milling Machine

Buy & Sell Second Hand Bed Type Milling Machines | Asset-Trade
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Looking to buy or Sell used Bed Type Milling Machines?

Asset-Trade is specialized in buying and selling used Bed Type Milling machines,also known as plano type milling machine or just bed mill. Our Second Hand Bed Type Milling machinery are used machines mainly for the metal working industry.

We carry many bed type milling machines from the German and international market from manufacturers like DMG MAHO, HEDELIUS, RECKERMANN, REIDEN and ZAYER many more.

Bed type milling machines are made out of a stable, generally low-vibration machine bed, upon which the work piece is placed. This construction of a bed mill allows large and heavy work pieces to be machined. The clamping methods can be mechanic, hydraulic, electric or implemented using compressed air to secure the work piece.

Contact Asset-Trade today to find the right used Bed Milling Machinery & Equipment to enhance your daily metal working production.

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Maschinen Informationen
Manufacturer: AXA
Model: VHC 3 - 4000
Year of Build: 2002
Used AXA VHC 3 - 4000M travelling column machining centre CNC control Siemens 840D Technical data Travels X-axis : 4000mm resp. 2x 1755mm Y-axis : vertical 900mm / horizontal 830mm Z-axis : 950mm Spindle Axis swivel head… Know More
Maschinen Informationen
Manufacturer: DEBER
Model: DYNAMIC 2
Control: CNC > HEIDENHAIN > TNC 426
Year of Build: 1997
Used DEBER Dynamic 2 CNC milling machine about. 28.200 ON Hours Heidenhain 426 processing: x = 2000 mm y = 1000 mm z = 600 mm different angle heads
Maschinen Informationen
Manufacturer: UNION
Model: BFP 130/5
Control: CNC > HEIDENHAIN > TNC 360
Year of Build: 1977
UNION BFP 130/5 - CNC Table Type Horizontal HEIDENHAIN TNC 360 Travels X / Y / Z = 2.500/1.600/1.200 mm Spindle = 130 mm / ISO 50 Spindle speed 900 r / min Field plate & clamping table